As those of you reading these have known, it has been incumbent upon us to prevail in our insurance litigation to restart the RyKrisp brand on our own. This is due to the requirements of a proper relaunch — manufacturing setup, equipment, packaging, team, etc…These are things we lost back […]

RyKrisp Update – May 23, 2024

This was an article that gave an update to our situation as of April 2023. Thanks to Evan Ramstad for his interest in the business. Ramstad: The revival of Minnesota’s RyKrisp cracker was much harder than expected ConAgra had owned the brand just a couple of years before executives decided in […]

April 12, 2023 article from Minneapolis “Star Tribune” – by ...

Evidently there was an article/update on RyKrisp in the “Star Tribune” that quoted me as saying, “”It’s a fairly healthy cracker, low calorie,¬†gluten-free, a taste and texture that makes it interesting.” Just to be clear, we do know that rye is low gluten as opposed to gluten free. Just wanted […]

Correction from Minneapolis “Star Tribune” article

First, thanks from the RyKrisp team who send in notes of support. It has been a difficult journey trying to get back in the market. Most of you reading this are familiar with our saga, and the fact that it will take a significant recovery from our legal battles to […]

Business Update – March 25, 2023

Another year has gone by, and we wish we could report that our legal efforts have successfully ended, but that is not the case. As those of you who have followed us over the years now know, the legal process is a tough slog, and especially tough when the defendant […]

RyKrisp Update – December 10, 2021

Today is the day we remember those who participated in the D-Day landings. It was a long time ago, but reminds us all of the service that people are willing to offer on behalf of others. RyKrisp was around back in those days, but to the best of our knowledge […]

RyKrisp Update – June 6, 2021

Where we are – December 2020 RyKrisp is hoping you and your families are staying safe through these uncertain times.  We can assure you that we are up to speed on uncertainty. We figure the end of 2020 is a good time for an update.   Picking up from our last […]

RyKrisp Update – December 12, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day to all RyKrisp fans out there. As we hadn’t communicated since winning a jury verdict back in October, we wanted to provide a brief update on where we are now and what that means for getting back into the market. Since we won, we’ve obviously tried to […]

RyKrisp Update – February 13, 2020

The following is an excerpt from an October 27th, 2019 press release from counsel working with RyKrisp. We have edited it (the parts in parentheses) because the name of the contract manufacturer is unimportant to the discussion. It gives a good summary of what has transpired. None of us at […]

RyKrisp Update – October 27, 2019

After 3+ years of effort to win our legal case, the case goes to trial next week in Chicago. Hoping to give you an update on outcome the week after next. While optimistic, we’ll give you an update one way or another and advise how that impacts our future. Thanks […]

Brief Update – October 8, 2019