Happy Valentine’s Day to all RyKrisp fans out there. As we hadn’t communicated since winning a jury verdict back in October, we wanted to provide a brief update on where we are now and what that means for getting back into the market. Since we won, we’ve obviously tried to […]

RyKrisp Update – February 13, 2020

The following is an excerpt from an October 27th, 2019 press release from counsel working with RyKrisp. We have edited it (the parts in parentheses) because the name of the contract manufacturer is unimportant to the discussion. It gives a good summary of what has transpired. None of us at […]

RyKrisp Update – October 27, 2019

After 3+ years of effort to win our legal case, the case goes to trial next week in Chicago. Hoping to give you an update on outcome the week after next. While optimistic, we’ll give you an update one way or another and advise how that impacts our future. Thanks […]

Brief Update – October 8, 2019

We know it’s a long time between updates, but we know RYKRISP lovers are judicious in their on-line/email time because they are fun people and out doing interesting things. We’ve also been heartened by the continued comments pointing out what makes RYKRISP special. We love reading those. Keep them coming. […]

Brief Update – April 18, 2019

Someone made a comment that nothing had happened on the legal front from October until now.  We love the spirit, but the wheels of justice continue to grind very slowly. Suffice it to say, we are out there working on the case and trying to get to a favorable resolution. […]

Merry Christmas from RyKrisp – December 19, 2018

Thanks everyone for the comments we continue to receive. They motivate us, remind us about why we are persevering in this legal fight, and bring a ray of sunshine into the day…there are plenty of others, but this one is special Thanks. The legal process groans on inexorably.  We’ve made […]

Brief Update – September 17, 2018

To our fans: The main message here is to say, “Thanks for your patience”.  As an update, we are still moving along with our legal efforts to be able to get back into production.  We receive hundreds of comments and appreciate every one of them.  The general theme is that […]

Brief update – June 20, 2018

We just looked at the last update and it was October 20th.  When in legal situations like this, folks start forgetting about time. Here’s where we are, and from the dozens and dozens of comments here, we know you are as frustrated as us, but also have been so supportive […]

Another brief update – March 28, 2018

The oven room at the former RyKrisp building is now a production area for wood products maker Woodchuck USA. RENÉE JONES SCHNEIDER • RENEE.JONES@STARTRIBUNE.COM It’s great to see the old Minneapolis RyKrisp facility doing well as a “new business hub” and former RyKrisp employees getting involved. Nice article by Kevyn […]

What’s up with the former RyKrisp factory :-)

Apologies for not staying in better touch, but we’re just continuing to work our way through the legal system. It’s a slog, but we’re still on the case and feeling positive. We’ve been really reassured by the moral support we get from fans. One grocery chain recently contacted us and […]

Very brief update – October 20, 2017