RyKrisp Update – June 6, 2021 44

Today is the day we remember those who participated in the D-Day landings. It was a long time ago, but reminds us all of the service that people are willing to offer on behalf of others. RyKrisp was around back in those days, but to the best of our knowledge didn’t ever make it into rations of soldiers. We wondered a bit as one of the uses in recent years was in “survival” packs due to the long shelf life. On to more current matters, which is how are things going with litigation.

Last Friday there was a hearing in front of the presiding judge where the defendant tried again to have claims dismissed and was unsuccessful. As a reminder, the current litigation relates to RyKrisp seeking to recover the damages it won at trial and the defendant’s insurer claiming it has no obligation to cover that loss. There are some technical issues upon which we have to follow up, but the next stage is probably a more thorough discovery phase relating to the case. We consider this progress.

We don’t have any timeline as the pandemic has thrown legal proceedings in all courts into a major slowdown. So the fact that we have our next briefing in early July is a sign that we’re moving forward. Thanks to all for your continued support, comments, and the like. This seems like a saga, which it is, but we’re happy to keep you informed of things. All the best to our fans.

The RyKrisp Team

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