RyKrisp Update – February 13, 2020 136

Happy Valentine’s Day to all RyKrisp fans out there. As we hadn’t communicated since winning a jury verdict back in October, we wanted to provide a brief update on where we are now and what that means for getting back into the market.

Since we won, we’ve obviously tried to collect. That is always easier said than done. But collecting is important, as we need to be properly capitalized to get back into the market. There have been issues with the defendant being able to address the judgment and their insurer wanting to pay almost $9 million. Thus, we’ve been working with all parties to make some progress, and that involves both negotiation and going back to court.

That is what we are doing and thus we don’t have what we want or need as yet, but are hard on the case. We’ll continue to keep you posted as we make progress. We have no idea yet on exact timing, but we’re hoping there is a celebration somewhere out there in the reasonable horizon.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support, and even more so for your patience.

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136 thoughts on “RyKrisp Update – February 13, 2020

  • Mindy Black

    I want my RYKRISP so badly. My lifetime favorite. Other rye crackers are not as delicious. I don’t even eat them because they are a such a disappointment next to RYKRISP. Hoping for good news soon.

  • C R Sanders

    Maybe in the not too distant future all of us RyKrisp lovers will be happy with our favorite snack. Keep up the vigilance Mr. Leavitt…

  • Sylvia Nixon

    I have been looking al over for your crackers. I have been eating them since the 70’s. Can not wait until you are back in production.

  • Previous Ry-Krisp Employee

    I can’t help to think as we come up on almost 5 years since the last RyKrisp cracker has been produced, how much more simple it would have been to acquire the factory that produced the product.

    Certainly hope everything comes together for you.

    • tleavitt Post author

      While that seems a very sensible idea, the purchasers (us) had the small issue of the cost of the plant. For those of you not familiar with RyKrisp, the factory was situated right by the Univ of Minnesota and had a substantial value for an alternative use. That was more than we were willing to pay. I don’t know if we would have done it differently if we were doing it again…a tough call given the cost involved. Ted L

  • LtAmoc

    Keep pushing, get what you deserve. Ultimately I hope this brings the RyKrisp back to the market. I, along with many other people, miss your presence in the grocery stores.

  • LJ

    Missing one of my favorite comfort foods more than ever now! Keep up the good fight to resume production, and above all stay safe and healthy!

  • Kenneth Gardner

    As I have been out of the loop on things, so I just googled on where I can find Ry Krisp crackers and just read what’s going on. I can’t believe it, I still look on the shelf at our local Kroger store to see if they have any, I just can’t believe it. I love those crackers.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Kenny – Thanks for reading up on the story. It’s been a battle. And yes, Kroger was our biggest retail account. Would love to get back. And HQ is only 4 blocks from where I reside 🙂 Ted L

    • tleavitt Post author

      Commercial litigation is a process that no human really wants to go through. We did the first part, though, which is win. Thanks for staying a fan. Ted

  • Leslie Pano

    Still waiting patiently. First eaten in the late 1950’s. Introduced to them by my Swedish great grandmother. Her favorite—my favorite. Keep us posted.

  • Jim Amidei

    Please keep up the fight. More than ever we need RyKrisp, especially since we are all home due to the COVID 19 and need more healthy snack options! I grew up on them since the 1950’s.

  • Tim Harrer

    I’ve enjoyed RYKRISP since a kid.. now 5 years since a great food… I thought I ‘d crack a tooth on WASA.. but was reminded that no other brand compares. There is a good sized market out there… many creative recipes to develop and add to product box.
    During this CV-19.. SBA bank loans carry zero interest and flexible periodic payments… I hope you management leaders very things lined up… product recognition already exists…

    • tleavitt Post author

      Tim – Thanks for the good ideas. We’re not going to make this round of CV-19 (hope to God, so to speak), but appreciate that we can play a very small roll somewhere in the process. All the best, Ted L

  • Tom Nordberg

    Keep me posted as to when production and sales truly begin. Best of wishes to you. (R-P’s version of “Seasoned” RyKrisp was the very best!)

  • Paul Engstrom

    The guys you sued should be made to cough up the cash! I curse them for killing the cracker I had enjoyed for 60+ years. I want to taste them again before I die! I’m 70 now and counting. Shame on Minnesota for letting Ry-Krisp slip thru their fingers. I grew up there, and Ry-Krisp was a given all those years. The other stuff (WASA et al.) tastes like crap and might as well be cardboard. Curses on the corporate bastards who brought us to where things now are. That is how disgusted I feel about the state of affairs now existing. Once again the bad drives out the good! I hope you are successful in returning Ry-Krisp to the market; you know you have customers waiting for it.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Paul – Words of passion. We have to say we wouldn’t want to repeat this particular journey we are on, but we are certainly trying to get things back to normal. I didn’t grow up with RYKRISP, but love to read the notes of those who are passionate, like you, about the product. It’s a testimony to the brand and product. Still on the case and hopefully this will end in success again for all – product and a good business. Ted L

  • Kent

    Great ! Keeping working at this. I am tiring of Leksands Swedish crisp bread. Anxiously awaiting RYKRISP. Part of my diet for 50 years. Thanks !

  • Frances Thronson

    My friend Karen and I just discovered we both loved loved loved them and nothing else compares.Keep it up. But we’re old so hurry up!!!

  • Tom Ash

    Keep on keepin’ on! Can’t wait to taste seasoned RYKRISP again. The ONLY cracker to eat kippered herring on! Good luck and Godspeed!

  • Esther

    Please Please Please let me know when you are back on line. I have a yearning for these crackers – taste and nostalgia. let me know If I can buy direct or in my geographic location, South Carolina. Thank you!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Esther – The website is the best spot for updates. Will keep you posted if signed up for email updates (which are very occasional). Many thanks for being a fan. Ted L

  • Ruth Miller

    I was so happy to hear that we may be able to buy RyKrisp again. I’m 80 years old and grew up eating this all the time. I turned all 4 of my children on to it and they in turn gave it to their children. We’ve all be missing it so much. I can’t find anything that comes close to replacing it. I served it instead of bread at our meals.

  • Camille Russell

    Best wishes on your struggle! Nothing is better with sardines than a little mayonnaise and seasoned RYKRISP! When you let us know they’re available, I contact my local stores.


    I found this site because I was trying to find a recipe to replace our favorite cracker: RYKRISP! Please let me know when you do get back into the production of what was a great product!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Patrick – Will keep you and everyone else posted via this site and other social media. It has been the proverbial “long and winding road”, but we are still on the case with the wind at our backs. Thx, Ted Leavitt

  • Rick Hodges

    Please stay strong. My wife and I have enjoyed this amazing and unique cracker for most of out live’s. We miss them! We are now in our seventies and need to encourage you to continue to fight the fight to bring back RYKRISP!

  • Rick Hodges

    Stay strong – The world misses RyKrisp! I’m now 75 and been enjoying these tasty treats throughout my life. While there are a few wanta-be’s out there, there is in fact no substitute for the real thing! We are pulling for you to be able to collect the millions you won in court so that you can get back into production. These little crackers are unique and special and need to available for the generations to come.
    Good luck
    Rick Hodges

    • tleavitt Post author

      Bob – As you might guess with COVID-19 and fighting a legal battle with a large insurer, nothing is fast. We are right now in the back-and-forth of the discovery process. A bit of a grind, for sure. Ted L

  • Patty P

    My mom will be 90 in a few days, she.kisses the crisp! I keep hoping I can find her a product close to yours but no luck. My grandfather came from Sweden to US alone at 17 years of age. My grandmother’s parents came from Sweden.

  • Beth G

    Well at least now I know why I can’t find them anywhere. I’ve looked and looked and thought maybe they were just discontinued. Hopefully we’ll see them back on the shelves soon!

      • Paul

        just a quick check in, still waiting and looking forward to RYKRISP again.
        and to those that mention WASA, there is NO comparison between them and RYKRISP.
        Ted and All you #RKFans, Take Care, Stay Safe

  • Rita Lundstrum

    I had no idea this was going on. I have been trying to find RYKRISP after years of not eating. Googled and found the problem! They were a staple of mine in the ‘80’s. Please bring them back. Plain and Seasoned please

  • Kat

    My Father enjoyed RYKRISP since I was 5. I am 68 The box was a decoration on the counter in our kitchen. Never moved just to be refilled. He died in 2000. However it was a staple in our house ever since, everyone learned to enjoy.
    Miss them.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Kat – Thanks for sharing. Hoping we get going again to share with future generations…as we’re even more on trend today than back in the day. Ted L

  • Melissa Hart

    Thank you for updating us RYKRISP fans! Based on the February date of your letter, you’ve probably been bogged down by the screeching brakes of covid virus. =0 (

    Sure hope there’s still forward motion in the near future, and wishing you well in getting those wonderful one-of-a-kind crackers back on the shelves! I join my fellow fans in patiently waiting.

    Thanks again for all your efforts!

    Mrs. Hart

    • tleavitt Post author

      Covid has turned the court system into cold molasses. We are trying to push the process along, but alas, the courts are not easily moved. Thanks for taking interest. Ted L

  • Harry J Fritchman

    Question: is this the same RyKrisp crackers that zoos, game preserves sold for visitors to feed the animals?
    I would eat them as I walked around the site. We can’t find this brand anywhere. The other brands are
    too thick. When will you show up in stores again?
    Thank you,

    Corrected error from previous email.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Harry – You are correct in assuming that the animals loved the same RyKrisp crackers. The zoos would buy the “natural” variety, since it only had rye, corn bran and a bit of caraway. Hoofed animals loved it, and it was a fun way for patrons to interact. As a small company, we have limited resources. For four years we were out of the stores due to the lawsuit regarding manufacturing. Now that we’ve won, we have to collect, which means suing our insurer. In any case, we’re working on that and appreciate the fact that you remember and love the product. On the case, so to speak. Ted L

  • Ellie

    Just learned about RyKrisp’s troubles. This is very sad. The ‘seasoned’ variety is my all time fave. I would forgo all other crackers for it.
    Keep struggling! You have customers!!

  • patty williams

    PLEASE bring back seasoned RYKRISP. Why did it leave market, nothing compares to this product those others.. rather eat cardboard, taste the same. Will it come back? With so many health conscious people more now than ever. If you are on twitter, lets get this out so RYKRISP understands manufacturing need to restart and bring back to market.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Patty – Thanks. Still on the case (you remind us that we should provide an update although not too much change at the moment with the pandemic slowing life down). We hear the cardboard reference plenty, and could not agree more. All the best, Ted L

  • Blayne Brisson

    Oh for cool. We have had some of our own probs and have not realized you guys had these problems. In fact I just called my wife into the room so i could tell her you guys are still out there. She said Yay. Im glad you won against the buttheads. Good on Ya. I/We look forward to watching whats next. God Speed Good Luck and All That Jazz. Be at peace brothers and sisters. bb.

  • Patty Powers

    I love seasoned Ry-Krisps and hadn’t realized there was still hope of it coming back until I found this website update! Please let me know when I can purchase them again and locations available. Your crackers were so good that nothing else has come close…best of luck on collecting the judgement. It must be frustrating to say the least. Maybe we should all set up a Go-Fune Me for you guys! I bet we could make a dent… Thank you so much!!!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Patty – At the moment, funding is less of an issue in terms of seeking collection than the slow grind of the justice system. We’re working at it and still hopeful of victory in terms of collecting our due. Signing up for updates will keep you posted when something changes. Thanks for being a fan. Ted L

  • Richard

    Congrats on the win! I can’t wait for my mother’s, and my favorite snack…RyKrisp cracker, slice or two of avacado, squeeze of fresh lemon and a dash of salt. No other rye cracker works in this snack like RyKrisp. No other cracker tastes as good as RyKrisp!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Richard – Thanks. Unfortunately, the process of collecting the win takes time, too, so we’re working on it. Thanks for continuing to be interested. All the best, Ted L

  • Monica S.

    Best of luck!! I loved your crackers as a kid, so I looked them up and came across this update. I hope they’re back in stores soon. I’ll be sure to buy some!

  • Sandee

    I so miss my buttered Ry-Krisp. Seasoned or plain, I loved it. Good luck with your issues and hope to see it back in my stores again soon!!

  • Sandi Avoian

    I miss your crackers soooo much!!!!! Ok eat them w/ cottage cheese & tomatos!!!! It’s delish!!!!
    Please come back quick!!!!’

  • Cynthia Singler-Miura

    I had no idea there was a lawsuit. I just haven’t been able to find your product for several years and I can’t do without it. First time it’s back on the shelves I will be beating down the doors.