RyKrisp Update – May 23, 2024 2

As those of you reading these have known, it has been incumbent upon us to prevail in our insurance litigation to restart the RyKrisp brand on our own. This is due to the requirements of a proper relaunch — manufacturing setup, equipment, packaging, team, etc…These are things we lost back when we went out of production many years ago now. We have now reached the end of that road with an unfavorable legal outcome via a District Court and subsequent appeal. Let us explain in simple terms.

We were the plaintiffs here and prevailed on the merits of our case, but it was an expensive battle because insurers are required to financially back defendants in litigation. RyKrisp claimed that awarded damages were insurable and should be paid. That is what the latest litigation was about. The court ruled that the defendant was in the wrong/acted intentionally and therefore not insurable. If you want the nitty gritty details, there is a very good summary written by Don Sampen in the Chicago Law Bulletin on May 7, 2024. He wrote in an article entitled “Court assesses facts necessary to decide insurer duty to defend”.

Where does this leave us? The reality is we will see if there is someone interested in developing the brand, and we’d be happy to support them. We don’t have the funds to restart the business. We’ll keep our eyes out, but it takes a special kind of baker to make RyKrisp crackers. That is why these crackers are unique. We’ll post you if something comes up.

Thanks as always for the support in this journey, even if the conclusion is a bummer.

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2 thoughts on “RyKrisp Update – May 23, 2024

  • Wendy

    I had no idea about any of this until today! Every trip to various grocery stores over the past years I never saw RyKrisp. I’ve taken a look to find RyKrisp and thought maybe they just aren’t in my area anymore. Life got in the way and I didn’t search as to why. The “substitutes” (from another company) just aren’t even close. After searching online today, hoping to find them, I came across your site.

    I’m so very sorry to hear about the recent legal outcome. “Bummer” is right.

    Those crackers were a staple in my childhood household and later on my kids loved them, too. A great-aunt introduced me to RyKrisp when I was very young. She came to love the crackers when introduced to them during being on the old school Weight Watchers plan.

    They even were available at a couple of diner-type places when I was young and I always asked my salad have Seasoned RyKrisp on the side instead of saltines. Yum!

    Once I read the story and “what” (not a “who”) took over and led to its demise, I wasn’t shocked.

    There has to be a huge market for them! So many younger people have never had them and they’re missing out. Well, we ALL are missing out. Hopefully someone will find a way to make this product again. Any entrepreneurs out there willing to do it? Is Shark Tank still a thing? Thanks for all your efforts.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Thanks, Wendy. Would love to help a baker who wants to push it forward. We have the know how…will keep our eyes out. Agree that the market is aligned with the offer. Ted L