RyKrisp Update – December 10, 2021 81

Another year has gone by, and we wish we could report that our legal efforts have successfully ended, but that is not the case. As those of you who have followed us over the years now know, the legal process is a tough slog, and especially tough when the defendant is now a large insurance company.

The year has been spent going back and forth with us trying to elicit discovery materials from the defendant and roadblocks going up right, left and sideways. This is a bit of a replay of the original case that we eventually won. We have to be diligent and incredibly persevering. We are doing just that.

In the meantime, we wish everyone out there a happy holiday season and may 2022 bring us the freedom and renewed camaraderie that we all miss during this pandemic.

All the best,

The RyKrisp Team

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81 thoughts on “RyKrisp Update – December 10, 2021

  • sharon nichols

    Thanks for keeping after the fight. I still miss RyKrisp crackers! Shame on the big insurance company and shame of the lawyers! Any hope of a recipe?

    • tleavitt Post author

      Sharon, Thanks. As to recipe, I am not an expert but what I learned in buying the brand and making crackers at the beginning is that it is the methodology of production that is key vs. the recipe. It seems very, very difficult to replicate in a small-scale operation because of some steps that make RYKRISP unique. Ted L

  • Mary Masick

    Thanks for the update! Still wishing all of legal issues with the Big Corp will be resolved soon. Truly miss Ry Krisp crackers which I was introduced in my early childhood.

    Best of luck in getting a successful resolution in 2022 and Ry Krisp back on the shelves!


  • Marcy

    OMG–I’ve been missing RyKrisp and finally thought to do some digging to see if they disappeared or where I could buy them. So sorry to hear you’re trying and running up against legal walls. Keep on–we RyKrisp fans are behind you!

  • Karl Zachry

    I still have one box left 🙁
    Every now and then I’ll eat one. (They’re actually still good – I live in a dry climate.)
    Is this really so important to an insurance company? One would think that it would not be worth the legal bills to them.
    I truly admire your perseverance and hope you can continue.
    Please do let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Karl – We have been surprised many times by the resistance of insurers. One really has to be persistent (and young enough to last 🙂 ). Thanks for the words of support. Ted L

  • Suprina Looney

    Hi Ted-
    I have been checking the site for a couple of years now, following along anxiously awaiting my beloved Ry Krisp’s. So thank you for keeping us posted on the litigation. For sure? When this is over you will be going back into production? I love, love, love my Ry Krisp’s and miss my pizza!! Yep. Instead of buying a pizza pie, I cheese and pepperoni individual Ry Krisp’s, bake in toaster oven for a few minutes and voila! Pizza craving satisfied!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, but that would be our hope. Our focus is pretty single-minded on first winning this. Certainly an endurance test…I wonder how long Hercules labored? Thanks, Ted

  • CJ

    I am so disappointed that these amazing crackers are not available and hope they they will be at some point! They are so much better than any other cracker and I believe, much healthier. It’s hard to find anything as good that is fat-free, sugar free, and low in sodium (compared to other crackers.) I won’t be sending my “101 ways to enjoy RyKrisp Crackers” book to anyone that is preventing these from being available! But seriously, in a time when people are looking for healthier snacks, not to mention that jobs would be created, we need RyKrisp crackers. Keep up the good fight!

  • Chris Lane

    Wow. When I looked for ry-krisp the other day (I used to love it, but haven’t thought about it in a long long time) I thought “Well, that’s that.”. How great to see you are still out there fighting the good fight. Being an attorney myself, I can imagine what you are going through. Given the demand for natural and health-conscious snacks, don’t give up. You will be rewarded. I am pulling for you. Cheers!

  • Kelly Brennan

    Well… sure glad I found this site. Now I know WHY I can’t find Nabisco Rye Crisp — seasoned or not! Do you have a substitute brand you recommend that is most similar — at least ‘til y’all are back on the shelves?
    Is the company you’re fighting in Finland?

    • tleavitt Post author

      We are fighting insurers now, trying to collect on a judgement in our favor. It isn’t or wasn’t Nabisco…was ConAgra before being sold to a small group of individuals. Can’t help on the recommendations as we’re a bit unique. WASA is obviously the biggest brand now. Ted L

  • christy lueck

    Just discovered all this information.

    I’m rooting for you to get his all resolved and begin production of that wonderful RyKrisp.You have lots of fans out here.

  • christy lueck

    Love that RyKrisp. I’ll be ordering a lot when this is all resolved. Hope to see it on the shelves soon.
    There are a lot of us fans out here.

  • Patricia Dieu

    It’s Ridiculous that you cannot make the cracker without so many legal attorneys involved! All the other crackers on the market don’t hold up against these.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Sad but true. To be clear, we won our lawsuit and are able to produce but as a small company, adequate funding is critical. The proceeds from said suit are what would enable us to move forward. Legal stuff takes a lot out of companies. Thanks for the good words. Ted

  • Edward

    I need you back I love having your crackers for Passover and I miss them terribly I’ve had these every year for most of my life you got to give them back to me now

  • JT More

    Huge Idaho RyKrisp fan. The accompanied me on many multi day trips over the years, were great at a picnic, home and for entertaining. Unique in taste and texture – have not tried any rye crispbread that is similar.

    Just stumbled on this after a search – sorry about the ongoing legal issues shades of America.

    Good luck – I will certainly be a buyer if you can figure out production!

  • marty

    RyKrisp is still my favorite crispbread from my childhood, there are other brands on the market but they just don’t taste the same… really hoping that if production restarts the products will be the same as they used to be… when hostess shut down their production and a new company restarted months later, the new products were and still are not anything close to what the originals were….

    • tleavitt Post author

      Marty – good post. When I was a kid, I was a Twinkies connoisseur but haven’t had one in 30 years. You have piqued my interest. Will have to try and compare. We did learn lots about what makes RyKrisp unique in our time owning the business. We’d agree that the original formula/method is the way to go. That’s key. Thanks for input. Ted L

  • Ken Y

    I remember sadly as RyKrisp faded from one market after another. Supply ran out long ago.

    There really is no substitute for RyKrisp flavor and texture.

    Hoping you’re back in ’22.

  • Diana Warner

    I hope you can get everything worked out. I miss RyCrisp so much. I have found nothing else to compare to them. Have been waiting a long time for some good news. Hope it happens soon .I’m 78 and don’t know how much longer I can hand on. LOL Diana Warner.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Diana – Wish we could offer good vibes in terms of getting back quickly…it’s obviously been slow already. We have to have a win to do it on our own…we shall see. Thanks for being a long-time fan. Ted L

  • Steph Fylpaa

    Rykrisp is being made and sold somewhere. I recently had some at my brothers house in Northern MN. I live in the Chicago area, what gives, nothing here.

  • C Lapham

    I wish you much success in your court battles……..which, after going through a four-year-long divorce battle, I can appreciate and sympathize with what you are going through. I also want to share my fond memories that I have of your Ry Krisp crackers, and can’t wait to see them back on the shelves. Ry Krisp crackers will always remind me of when me and my sister were younger, and always battling over who would get the Ry Krisp in the cracker basket when ever we went to a restaurant that wasn’t McDonalds. :O) Luckily, most times there were at least two, so both of us were happy campers. We loved spreading them with butter and making sure that every hole in the cracker was filled. It was only when we were older that we realized that the Ry Krisp, even with the butter, was the more healthier alternative to the saltines and various butter-flavored crackers that were in the basket. Again, can’t wait until me and my family can once again enjoy your product and see Ry Krisp on the shelves at our local markets. Thank you.

  • Lostarky

    After a recent move to a new state, I found myself longing for RyKrisps and a good cheddar cheese – a snack that my dad introduced me to many, many years ago. I’ve been searching grocery store shelves for months and only today thought to look online. I’m sorry to learn of this legal trouble, and I hope that all will be resolved so that you all can thrive and we can all enjoy RyKrisps again!

  • Vicky Page

    I just ate some rye crackers from another brand and they just are not the same! I keep checking the grocery shelves to see if, by some chance, Ry Krisp is back…but no such luck. Finally decided to Google “Ry Krisp” and learned to my dismay that the bakery operations shut down in 2015! No wonder the delicious crackers are nowhere to be found. I’m happy to read that you’re doing your best to push forward through this legal process. I sure hope you find success in the near future. I miss my snacks of Ry Krisp, some good cheese, and a nice glass of wine!! Best to you!

  • Dahl Denny

    I’m confused. Are you actually trying to manufacture ry krisp again? BTW… I was a supervisor at Ry Krisp for 15 years up until 1987.

    • tleavitt Post author

      We have been, but can’t without the funding from winning our litigation. Being put out of business back in 2016 stopped us in our tracks (we moved from Minneapolis as we didn’t own the plant). That’s the long and short of it. Thanks for checking in.

  • Steven Kruse

    We are in solidarity with Ry Krisp! If these pesky lawyers ever had this cracker they would know the simple joy it brings to one and all!

  • Lisa

    Dear T Leavitt,
    I am a Minnesota native now living in TN for the past 10 years. I grew up on RyKrisp and miss them terribly!!! I had no idea they had gone out of business and find it par for the course that a legal situation with an insurance company would be the reason any of us RyKrisp lovers have no access to such a great and iconic product. I send you every positive thought, vibe, and wish that this matter will be resolved post haste! Here’s hoping to the 2023 New Year complete with havarti and smoked oysters on RyKrisp…YUM!
    Thank you for all your efforts to keep this Minnesota tradition alive.