RyKrisp Update – December 10, 2021 9

Another year has gone by, and we wish we could report that our legal efforts have successfully ended, but that is not the case. As those of you who have followed us over the years now know, the legal process is a tough slog, and especially tough when the defendant is now a large insurance company.

The year has been spent going back and forth with us trying to elicit discovery materials from the defendant and roadblocks going up right, left and sideways. This is a bit of a replay of the original case that we eventually won. We have to be diligent and incredibly persevering. We are doing just that.

In the meantime, we wish everyone out there a happy holiday season and may 2022 bring us the freedom and renewed camaraderie that we all miss during this pandemic.

All the best,

The RyKrisp Team

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