Very brief update – October 20, 2017 18

Apologies for not staying in better touch, but we’re just continuing to work our way through the legal system. It’s a slog, but we’re still on the case and feeling positive. We’ve been really reassured by the moral support we get from fans. One grocery chain recently contacted us and said they are ready to take the product in however we get it to them once back in the market. We thank you for this support!

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18 thoughts on “Very brief update – October 20, 2017

  • Tim Thompson

    Keep going….I’ve got my chilled butter waiting to go on some delicious RYKRISP! You should make sure that at least one of your attorneys has a real passion for and loves your product!

  • Phyllis Fingerhut

    RYKRISP has been a mainstay if my diet for at least 25 years. The kosher market I shop in will be happy to carry it once it’s in the market again. For several years I had to get it from a market about 30 minutes away but I was happy to do it. PLEASE let me know when it will be available again. I’ll be happy to get it on line or anywhere!!!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Phyllis – thanks for putting in a good word with the market. We’re working on getting back. It has been a long and painful saga, but we’re persistent. You’ve signed up on the home page for updates, where you’ll be the first to know of progress? Thx, Ted Leavitt

  • Richard Mac Almon

    Fond homefire memory with parental stories of the ‘wartime’ (smooth side with a skiff of butter) and the waffle pattern ‘peacetime’ side that holds globs of cream cheese and jam — and never broke during the ‘dip’ decades that followed. Lived on Ry*Krisp through my college years in the 60s and believe today’s uncomplicated farm-to-table generation that idealize mid-century everything would adopt the product as its own! Huge market for generations to come ~ theme: Go solar – and eat Ry*Krisp!

    • tleavitt Post author

      No need to boycott ConAgra. We had to move the manufacturing to contract manufacturing because they wanted to sell the plant for a fair amount of money (sat next to University of Minnesota). Thanks though for the thought…it makes us smile that there is a reason for doing what we do. Best, Ted

  • Douglas Gault

    Don’t need them anymore. I figured out how to make my own and there just as good if not better than your old product. I never knew how many I ate until I heard that they had been discontinued. I bought 48 boxes believing this would last 2-3 yrs. Nope this only lasted 9 months. So I took over the kitchen and bought a grain mill as setup my own cracker works. Don’t need em anymore and after a party there all gone, whereas your always had leftovers