What’s up with the former RyKrisp factory :-) 27

The oven room at the former RyKrisp building is now a production area for wood products maker Woodchuck USA. RENÉE JONES SCHNEIDER • RENEE.JONES@STARTRIBUNE.COM

It’s great to see the old Minneapolis RyKrisp facility doing well as a “new business hub” and former RyKrisp employees getting involved. Nice article by Kevyn Burger.  On our own saga, we hope to get to that stage as well, as our legal saga moves slowly forward. We’re trying to push towards a decision and feel we’re making good progress, but as with all legal things, we’ll make no claims until something definitive has occurred.
Thanks all for your support. I hear from someone most days. Yesterday, it was Schnuck’s supermarket looking for help in Chicago-area distribution. RyKrisp fans are the best!

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