Another brief update – March 28, 2018 18

We just looked at the last update and it was October 20th.  When in legal situations like this, folks start forgetting about time. Here’s where we are, and from the dozens and dozens of comments here, we know you are as frustrated as us, but also have been so supportive with comments, encouragement and the like.  It brings a smile to our day.

As to our status in the Cook County courts, we have endeavored for months to have the judge rule on the merits of our argument for a decision — a so-called summary judgement as opposed to taking this to trial.  All the time is being spent doing “discovery” (trying to explore the facts of the case by complainant or defendant).  We can assure you we are trying to accelerate the schedule, but judges seem to be very deliberate.  Currently, this process will end mid April, but we’ve said that before.

We are doing our best to bring proceedings to a conclusion.  Thanks for your ongoing support as we endeavor to do this.

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18 thoughts on “Another brief update – March 28, 2018

  • Debbie Zwirtz

    ??? I’m a senior in AZ-AND I LOVE(D) RYKRISP. *I hope you’ll soon be putting them back on supermarket shelves! -but what’s the thing with the courts in Chicago? DOES A JUDGE HAVE TO GIVE PERMISSION FOR YOU TO BEGIN PRODUCTION??

    • tleavitt Post author

      Good question and thanks for the interest. We were awarded our equipment back and were in the process of moving forward elsewhere toward production. The defendant in this case (our contract manufacturer) wrote to said manufacturer saying that we were moving proprietary technology (this is our brand and technology…not that of a contract manufacturer). That newer manufacturer then naturally said to please wait until after a legal settlement to move forward. That’s a natural reaction, and thus, we feel it important to first get this all settled. It’s complicated, but hope that answer makes a little sense. All the best, Ted Leavitt

    • tleavitt Post author

      We are on the case. The simple answer is that a contract manufacturer took critical manufacturing equipment, and we’ve been in a lawsuit ever since to recover it and clear the decks for production. As a small company, we don’t have the option to buy new stuff. Thanks for being a fan. Ted Leavitt

  • Dandrew

    I like these with tuna and a little sweet relish. I have not been able to find them in stores for awhile. I buy another brand of crackers but they are not RYKRISP.
    I began scouring the internet ad even thinking of ordering and having them shipped. But now I found what is going on. I’m sorry to hear the current legal problems
    and I hope it gets sorted out soon.
    It’s too bad people are eating peanut butter filled, chocolate coated pretzels and wondering why they are so heavy.

  • Lynne

    Sending you Aloha from Hawaii for a speedy resolve and resumed production. I miss RYKRISP, nothing else compares. Lynne in Honolulu

  • Keith

    Pleas keep working on it. Can’t wait to get RyKrisp again!!! I’ve tried FinnCrisp and RyVita but they can’t compare to RyKrisp.

  • arla romo

    I have been looking all over for RYKRISP.. It is the BEST and hoping it will be available soon!! I always wondered what happened ..We purchased it all the time! We miss it very much.Thank you!!