Brief update – June 20, 2018 29

To our fans:

The main message here is to say, “Thanks for your patience”.  As an update, we are still moving along with our legal efforts to be able to get back into production.  We receive hundreds of comments and appreciate every one of them.  The general theme is that RYKRISP is a unique cracker with its own character — we never get tired of that.  Thanks everyone for the comments!

Most of you are familiar with the particulars.  We needed to recover equipment taken in a contract manufacturing dispute.  After recovering the equipment, there was a counter-claim that stopped us from restarting production last year.  Anyone familiar with the legal system knows that it has many back-and-forth steps regarding evidence and testimony. It unfortunately isn’t like the TV shows where all is done in a 60–minute segment.  It is looking like the back-and-forth will be done this summer and hopefully lead to a resolution. We can only hope.

In the meantime, thanks to all for keeping the faith.

Ted Leavitt

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