Delay in the next “Red Letter Day” (but it will come!): :-( 4

Many of you asked about July 17th being the next “Red Letter Day” and getting our legal saga behind us. Well, not quite true 🙁 We’re feeling good about our particular legal position (and importantly have recovered our equipment), but the defendants are throwing out claims right and left, and we need to deal with each. Thus it is back to the courtroom and judges trying to persevere. We’ll keep you posted! Thanks as always for being fans. Ted Leavitt

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4 thoughts on “Delay in the next “Red Letter Day” (but it will come!): :-(

  • Catherine

    Forgive me if I am unaware of some of the steps you have taken, but have you thought of/tried something like a Go Fund Me campaign to raise needed capital?

    There are lots of people out there (including myself!) Who would gladly contribute toward getting your business up and running again.

    I long for your product! There is nothing on the market that even comes close to the RyKrisp taste and quality I remember.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Catherine – Thanks for the interest. As yet, we haven’t gone that way, and many have mentioned. One reason is that we are structured as an LLC and limited to 100 shareholders that way. We might try something “in kind” when we’re ready to get up and running and want a kick start. Ideas always appreciated and we’ll keep you posted here. Ted