RYKRISP and TILLAMOOK go together like cheese & crackers 24







Cheese and crackers obviously go together like peanut butter and jelly, ham and eggs, and so on.   The view from here – RYKRISP and TILLAMOOK complement each other beyond great cheese on a great cracker.

Tillamook’s brand heritage goes back to 1921 and its cheesemaking expertise to before the turn of the 20th century.  That’s just when RYKRISP was first baked in St. Paul, MN. Over the years, the Pacific Northwest became one of RYKRISP’s largest and most loyal markets.  Just like TILLAMOOK, the artisanal and natural qualities associated with the product fit with the ethos of that region.

We just wanted to share a few pictures of these great heritage brands together reminding ourselves of things that go great together.

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24 thoughts on “RYKRISP and TILLAMOOK go together like cheese & crackers

    • tleavitt Post author

      You can’t buy them yet. As you will have read in the updates, we’ve had issues with leaving our current co-packer (quality wasn’t going to be sufficient for retail) and then finding another. If you’ve signed up for updates on the website, you’ll be first to know when we’re ready to go. Our fans have been very supportive and encouraging during this period, and we very much appreciate it. Best, Ted Leavitt

  • Susan Schwendiman

    Please don’t worry so much about packaging we just toss it in the trash. Keep the quality! I am stuck with Xxx brands or nothing and I end up with nothing. I eat lots of Tillamook products but really the best on Ry Krispy is Tuna. Yummy hurry hurry! Brown butcher paper with tape and a felt marker are fine just send the crackers!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Shar – nowhere yet. If you’ve checked the updates, you’ll see we’re working on getting back in action and having a few hiccups. I presume you’ve signed up for updates, which will keep you posted. In any case, our first port of call will be the internet, if we don’t happen to be in your area. Thx, Ted Leavitt

  • Kevin Kerr

    Mom always had that paper wrapped RYKRISP package on the shelf. She liked them with Tillamook or Bandon Cheddar, Kippered Snacks, or peppered cottage cheese with pear. OK I am giving you this million dollar idea for free ’cause it’s Christmas. A hinge lid tin that looks just like the old package before Purina’s checkerboard thing.

    • John Robertson

      RyKrisp with kippers or Tillamook cheddar and salami was my lunch of choice on many hikes in the Cascades and Sierras. In Alaska, I skip the kippers (too many bears), but RyKrisp with Tillamook Cheddar and salami makes a great meal. Hoping The Krisp is back for this summer’s backpacking and packrafting season!

  • Linda Johnson

    We live on the north Oregon coast and cannot find RYKRISP at any of the local stores. I have even checked with Amazon to order and they do not carry this flavored RYKRISP that we have become familiar with. We are from Minnesota and have grandparents from Finland who gave us this love for the rye cracker to be eaten with smoked/salted fish and cheese. Is there a way we can order the item direct from you?

    • tleavitt Post author


      We trust you’ve read the updates (last one 12/1) that tell you where we are and why you can’t yet order directly. Hoping you’ve signed up, too, for updates, and we’ll keep you posted on any significant developments. Apologies for the inconvenience, but such is life as a small business trying to make progress. All the best, Ted Leavitt

  • Richard M Myers

    When the time comes, will RYKRISP be available in our local retail supermarkets of variety stores?
    I am anxiously waiting.
    Thank you,
    Take Care,
    Rick Myers

    • tleavitt Post author

      While nothing is ever guaranteed, before we ran into this roadblock, we found great reception in our strongest markets in the upper midwest and on the west coast and among mid-size retailers who are easier to work with than the big boys. Amazon is supportive and we’ll sell direct, so I’m guessing there will be plenty of options. All the best, Ted Leavitt

  • stephanie bowman

    Hello – I am so glad to hear their may be an affiliation between Rye Krisp and Tillamook Cheest. I am from Minnesota and grew up eating Rye Krisp. I moved here to Oregon in the 1970’s and immediately started eating Tillamook cheese. Whenever I’d visit Minnesota I’d bring back lots of Rye Krisp and try to make it last till the next visit. Then I found Rye Krisp right here in Oregon and life was good. Hope you get the problems ironed out and start selling Seasoned Rye Krisp again……I’ve been eating it for 65 years and don’t think it’s a good idea that I had to give it up now…….it’s my heart you see……better get that Rye Krisp machine working soon…..I could go any minute. Just kidding….but I do miss it. Plus I’m surprised it took you so long to figure out that Rye Krisp and Tillamook cheese were made to be paired. I figured that out many years ago.

  • Carol Vachter

    I too have been looking for your crackers and would like to know when they will be available in the San Francisco/Bay Area, CA. I’ve not found any
    other cracker as good as I remember yours to be. CAROL

    • tleavitt Post author

      Carol – make sure to sign up for updates if you haven’t already. That’s where we’d communicate first. That being said, the west coast was a great market, so SF will definitely be in distribution when back. I look forward to that day as well…litigation gets in the way of making product. Thanks for being a fan. Ted