Business Update 46

Every day we get posts, phone calls and emails asking us where we are in the “getting back into the market”. ¬†We haven’t forgotten you this past month. Fact of the matter is that our zoo production has taught us that our current manufacturing operation is not suited to make consumer RYKRISP as needed. It’s technical stuff like an oven that is too short, packaging in too confined an area etc etc. That’s what a start-up is for. Our job is to get the process and product right, so we are working on fixing this. I just wanted to post our website visitors as you and our Facebook fans are our most loyal supporters. More to come as we sort out the solutions. Thanks for your ongoing support!

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46 thoughts on “Business Update

  • Darlene Marrs

    PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! Bring back your RYKRISP crackers. These have been my favorite cracker for at least 65 years. I always had a box in my pantry….the spot on the shelf is still available!!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Debbie – if you’ve seen the various updates, we’re working through some manufacturing transition issues. Will keep folks posted via this and Facebook and hope you’ve signed up for updates as that is another source of updates. As of today, I don’t have anything specific, but as soon as it is back in production it will be available via internet orders. Thanks for the support and interest. Ted Leavitt

    • Judith Murlasits

      Just today went to buy your product, and was told, not available for about a year now. Have read posts below. PLEASE put my email on your “reply” list and notify me when you get them back on the shelves! Judith Murlasits

  • Constance Berry

    Funny thing. For some reason, last night out of the blue I asked my husband if they still made RYKRISP Crackers. That’s what got me searching for an answer. Thankfully, what I found was positive (hurrah) and I’ll keep tracking your progress. Please keep with it. We can hardly wait.


  • Shari

    I’ve missed RYKRISP so much! I’ve tried all the other rye crackers hoping to find a substitute and none of them compare. I can’t wait until I can get my RYKRISP crackers again!

  • Lydia

    Just to let you know: I am down to my last 2 RYKRISP Natural crackers and am waiting patiently for RYKRISP to be available for purchase again. Thanks for bringing back my favorite cracker.

  • Diane

    Glad to read here that you will be back in business! Local stores unable to tell me what happened to my favorite crackers since
    my childhood. . . ? HURRY BACK PLEASE.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Diane – I think you found the answer to that question here, but ConAgra closed the business and we bought the intellectual property (not the manufacturing, which is why the break in the market/supply). Ted

  • J Carter

    Hi Ted, I wrote to you last November about the absence of RYKRISP in all of the local stores and was heartened to hear from you that you’re bringing back this wonderful cracker. These were my parents’ favorites, always in the house as long as I can remember (early 50s). Please keep up the good work, I think you’re on the right track starting with a manageable project, and would be thrilled to have just the basic cracker without the frills just like the animals in the zoo! I wonder why no other company produces a nice, firm cracker that will stand up to various toppings, rather than the huge brittle wafers that shatter as soon as you try to bite into them or cut them in half? I’ve carried RYKRISP with me backpacking and skiing for decades (yikes), They’re just the right size for a sandwich baggie, and handle schmears of peanut butter without complaint! Please know that there is a steady market waiting for your product. And thank you for doing this.

  • Sandy

    Please get them back in our stores. I can’t wait I miss them so much. I remember them back in the 1970s eating them with my grandmother. They were Wonderfull. Please hurry soon. Thanks sandy w

  • Denise McGinnis

    I was so disappointed that RYKRISP was no longer available. There is just nothing that comes close to the flavor of a seasoned RYKRISP! I can’t hardly wait for this to be back on the shelves!! So excited, thank you!

  • Susan

    Worth waiting for! I’ve worked with a lot of food companies and understand the many challenges of getting retail production going. I’ll continue to be patient, waiting for the world’s best cracker (also great crumbled on salads or in meatloaf!). Plus, I love that it’s wheat-free for that allergy of mine. Best of luck from this loyal customer-in-waiting.

  • Paul

    checking in for new update,I do not trust my e-mail to always show everything I am supposed to get, they have been known to return e-mail instead of posting it
    I hope all is well

  • Lori Bloom

    I’ve been looking for RYKRISP for a month now. I purchased a box about three months ago. It must’ve been one of the last ones available. I’m so sad to hear they are out of production. Your crackers are much better than any of the other rye crackers out there.

  • Diane Cloughessy

    Just had to say how much I am missing your unique flavor and crunch. Can’t wait until all gets sorted out and we can purchase again.

  • Fran o

    Got tired of the “other rye/wheat crackers” and went looking for RYKRISP. Hope to be able to buy online or on the store soon. RYKRISP are the best

  • Pete Fischer

    I was the last Operations Manager at Ry-Krisp. If you have questions I may help you with, please let me know. It’s a great product and needs to be back on the shelf.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Pete – great to hear from you. It’s been quite the saga of late – as you can see from updates, but we are working on the case. Wishing you well from one RYKRISPer to another. Will definitely get in touch if there are any questions.

      Ted Leavitt


    Hard to believe Nabisco or Golden Grain has not started making these yet. Put my name down for crackers when you get back into production. I used to carry the individual wrapped RYKRISPS everywhere. Every restaurant had them?????

    • tleavitt Post author

      Buzz, RYKRISP is a pretty tricky cracker to make and a bit of a niche market for the big boys. That’s why, we think, you haven’t seen them. When we come back, the plan is also to have the restaurant pack. Do sign up for updates as that is the easiest way for us to remember to post you on developments. Thanks for being a fan. Ted Leavitt

        • tleavitt Post author

          Glenn – we wish we had the answer. The legal complaint has been so enervating to us, and we can’t give an answer yet. it’s just like the TV shows in taking forever with twists and turns. It’s getting us to think about alternative routes to market, which we will look at. Thanks for your continuing interest. Ted

  • Sandi Frank

    I was raised on RYKRISP…and love all of the different types..Can’t wait until you have it back on the shelves again…Alternatives are not tasty..
    I am having a snack of tuna salad on saltine crackers…and thinking of RYKRISP…

    • tleavitt Post author

      Sandi – that sounds like inspiration for a Joni Mitchell song (Raised on Robbery). Can’t say I’ve ever tried tuna on saltines. Always straight up for me, but we hope to again have you having tuna on RYKRISP. Ted

    • tleavitt Post author

      We have to get some litigation behind us first (we are the plaintiffs). It has taken way, way longer than expected but is critical for a small company like ours. Will update here. Thanks for the interest. Ted Leavitt