The artisanal aspect of a RyKrisp crispbread 20

RyKrisp lovers know that it tastes better than competitors like Wasa, Kavli and Finncrisp (shown here left to right).  But did you know one of the main reasons why?  A major factor is the artisanal approach to preparing the dough for baking.  At RyKrisp, we naturally aerate the dough before it is rolled and dimpled to become recognizable as what it is.  That process makes the product have a much lighter taste than other crispbreads.  You can see it in the deeper dimples and more complex texture. This translates into better taste.  When we’re back in the market, we hope you’ll try us again, and note the difference.

The artisanal quality of a RyKrisp crispbread seen against its competition

The artisanal quality of a RyKrisp crispbread seen against its competition

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20 thoughts on “The artisanal aspect of a RyKrisp crispbread

  • Susan McIntyre

    Thanks very much for putting up this website so I know what happened to my wonderful RyKrisp. Thanks too for keeping the brand alive. Looking forward to getting it back in distribution — would love to see it in Portland, OR at Safeway, New Seasons, and Target.
    My favorite is the Sesame, next the Seasoned. Ry Krisp had become my “go-to” cracker, replacing lots of other crackers and chips I’ve abandoned. Way better texture and flavor than the other crispbreads. Versatile: as a snack alone; as an open-face “sandwich” with peanut butter & jelly, tuna, any topper; as a crumbled filler in meatloaf; broken into small pieces (easy to break up due to the light, crispy texture) as “croutons” on salads.
    When it’s back in stock I will buy lots. Best of luck finding and getting a new factory up and running.

    (P.S. you need some copy to replace the “greeked” text on the “Contact” page of this website)

    • tleavitt Post author

      Susan – thanks for your support for the brand. We’re certainly working on getting production back up and running and will keep posted via the website and other social media as we get to the countdown stage. We very much appreciate the topping ideas. We’d like to come up with lots of new ideas to share. Thanks for the suggestions. Ted Leavitt And thanks for pointing out the error on the contact page!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Susan – Once I fixed the contact info, I’ve been getting comments/contacts from folks like you on a very frequent basis. Thanks for pointing out our editing error. All the best, Ted

  • John

    Until this summer I had taken Ry Krisp on all my outdoor adventures since 1986. Now I have to eat Wasa bread, an inferior substitute. I really wish you success in bringing back the brand, and I will be checking my local supermarket regularly.

  • Rene

    I have looked EVERYWHERE for these crackers. From what I gather, they are no longer available. I drove over 20 miles today (since I’ve looked at WalMart, Target, Kroger, Central Market, Tom Thumb, etc in my area) to my “go-to-Ry Krisp” store in Fort Worth Texas, and NONE!!! When are you bringing them back, and how will we know when and where to get them?
    No other will do! 🙂

    • tleavitt Post author

      As you see from the comments, we are working on it. Taking time, but hope to be back soon. If you subscribe for updates here, you’ll be first to know when and how to get it when it’s back. Thx.

    • tleavitt Post author

      We’ve been delayed a number of times (due to investments needed to ramp up production), so I am careful with predictions, but I’d say next 6 weeks. We’re probably going to be direct over the internet first and then in the stores. Fred Meyer would be one of the early ones, but no exact timing on any of it. We trust you’ve signed up for updates, so we can let you know when the launch is arriving.

  • ViAnna Anderson

    RyKrisp crackers are the best made. I have stomach issues and these are the crackers that are the tastiest and easiest on my stomach. I have been eating them since they were first created and got introduced to them by my mom who also loved them. Please, please keep them going! They are by far the healthest, most delicious, and most nutritious snack out there. They are great with an avocado on top, or a bit of salmon, or just plain with butter. Love them! Thanks.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Thanks for the inquiry. The updates in the website provide the long story…It is a legal tale resulting from some critical equipment being taken from our facility. We are the plaintiffs, but the process is very slow, and as a small company, it is tough to multitask given the $$ involved. Sign up for updates, and we’ll keep you posted. Ted Leavitt

  • Mary Russell

    I have been looking for RYKRISP in a few stores for months and have never found it. I miss it terribly and, as you say, there is none like it. I tried WASA and had to toss the package. I will never eat it. Can’t wait for RYKRISP to be back at the store. I just put butter on each cracker and it is wonderful.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Sandra, The best way for the update when we get this figured out is to sign up for updates on the home page. You may have already done that.
      Thanks for being a fan. Ted Leavitt