Where we are (June 2, 2015) 5

As we’ve been rebuilding the website, we’re also in the process of rebuilding the business.  For those of you who aren’t aware the RyKrisp crispbreads you love went out of distribution in March when the previous owners decided to exit the business. Branco  The manufacturing plant is being shifted to other uses, so we’re in the process of finding another manufacturer to make the same crispbread as before.  We’re working on it, and we’ll keep our fans posted.

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5 thoughts on “Where we are (June 2, 2015)

  • Dixie Vangelisti

    I’m very excited to hear a new manufacturer is being scoped out to keep this GREAT product from disappearing all together. I’ve eaten RyKrisp for over 50yrs on a daily basis. Always carry it with cheese for a snack when shopping or on a road trip. HATE to have to give it up at 80yrs old. Saying prayers for the soon reestablishment of this fine produce. WASA is okay BUT definitely not the same as RYKRISP!!!
    I’m signed up for updates.

  • REBA

    Where can I find rye krisp wheels? Federal Way, Washington 98023 My grandmother turned me onto the wheels about 60 yrs ago. Love them and can’t seem to find them anywhere, WHAT GIVES?

    • tleavitt Post author

      We’ve owned the company since 2015…RyKrisp wheels don’t ring a bell. I have seen some by others, but don’t think that has been in the RyKrisp world for a long, long time. Thanks for being a fan.