RYKRISP reference in LA Fitness Nutrition Blog 2

RYKRISP features twice in LA Fitness blog

RYKRISP features twice in LA Fitness blog

The folks at LA Fitness brought to our attention that rye crackers (of course they mean RYKRISP) were mentioned twice in their fitness blog.  In August they talked about “5 Fat Burning Meals You Need to Eat” in LA Fitness Blog – August 3, 2015 . That included a recipe for an open-faced PB&B RYKRISP.  Last year, RYKRISP was part of the answer to “What Should Your Macronutrients Intake Be?” in LA Fitness Blog August 4, 2014.

Both of these fit with our ethos of “food for the body and soul”.  Thanks to LA Fitness for thinking of us, and we hope there are some more opportunities when the brand is back.



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2 thoughts on “RYKRISP reference in LA Fitness Nutrition Blog

  • Debbie James, MS, RDN

    Missing my RYKRISP! W___A is holding shelf space in the meantime and was present at Today’s Dietitian 2019 Spring Symposium. Any news on your return?

    • tleavitt Post author

      Debbie – Thanks for asking. As you know, the wheels of justice move slowly. Trial now scheduled for October and would love to settle before, but it appears this episode is slowly coming to an end. Then we can move forward. We love the fact that consumers still think RYKRISP is the best and one of a kind. All the best, Ted Leavitt