RYKRISP featured at MSP Airport Rotating Art Exhibition

The Art of Food

The Art of Food

The Art of Food: A History of Minnesota Food Production

Thomson Reuters Concourse C Art Gallery, Near Gate C12
April 25-November 15, 2016

For more than 100 years, Minnesota has had a big role in producing the food that goes on your plate.  Many of those name brands you’ve grown to love got their start right here in our state.

We’re home to world-famous Fortune 500 food companies.  We export food to super powers like China.  Minnesota graduates the top food scientists in the US.  Our certified organic farms rank in the country’s top 10.

“The Art of Food” takes a fun, fact-filled look at how Minnesota cultivated an important role in global food production:  What’s the world’s most popular cereal?  How did wheat build one of the world’s largest food companies…   How has grain contributed to science?   And what’s the number one packaged food in the world – that’s Made in Minnesota?

The six-month exhibition is also a fascinating look at Minnesota’s food and beverage innovators, its famous restaurants and how we’ve become an exciting center for international cuisine.

“The Art of Food” is an exhibit that reveals why Minnesota is an important leader in producing what the world eats.  And RYKRISP is featured!

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