Launch Plan 34

(Sent April 14th to email subscribers)

We wanted to update our email subscribers and others about our launch plans, which are coming up shortly.  A reasonable question to first ask is why it takes so long to get up and running.  We ask that ourselves!  In basic terms, we’ve had to rebuild an entire manufacturing operation outside of the oven, and come up with some improvements from the way things have been done for over 100 years.  We’ve now gotten to the stage where we plan to start commercial production for sale on May 9th.

As some of you already know, those first orders will consist of our “natural” variety, which certain zoo animals love along with lettuce and other tasty treats in their diet.  It’s a treat that is part of the zoo experience.  Someone asked a fair question – why that first?  The most important advantage is it gives us a chance to run one item for a week or two and sort out any difficulties in the production process.  We will pack some retail “Natural” at the same time and we’d like a bit of feedback on that.  If you liked the “Natural” product, let us know and we’ll send out individual boxes to 20-30 people to get feedback.

Assuming this first step goes well over the first couple of weeks, we will add in “Seasoned” and “Sesame” and then be in the marketplace.  In that vein, you will be able to get the product as follows:

– You can order directly from the website.  We need to turn that capability on but will let you know as soon as that is online.  This will be for case orders of Seasoned, Sesame and Natural.

– We are approved with Amazon, but Amazon kicks out its orders via computer without human intervention.  We are sort of wondering if they know when you are up and running and then send the purchase order.  Anyways, that should be an avenue for purchasing from the beginning.

– We should be in Minnesota stores from the beginning, but it’s going to take us awhile to get into the other markets.  I’m guessing it will be West Coast, then the rest of the Upper Midwest, and then other parts of the country.

So that’s where it stands at the moment.  We’ll keep you further posted as things develop or change.


Ted Leavitt


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34 thoughts on “Launch Plan

  • Larry Peterson

    I have enjoyed RYKRISP for 60plus years and missed when it left the market. Happy to hear it is coming back and I prefer the original, maybe I belong in zoo. jk

  • Nancy A. Buchanan

    I was really devastated when I went shopping recently and was unable to find my favorite RYKRISP crackers anywhere! I particularly enjoy them (both natural and seasoned) with sharp cheddar, swiss cheese, and bread and butter pickles. I was delighted to read that they should be available again very soon. Please let me know when and where! I reside in Sacramento, California, so if you could get some shipped out here as soon as possible that would be really great! And if you would like to ship me a box or two of the first production run I would be more than happy to let you know what I think about the results of the new manufacturing process! Thank you so much, and my taste buds will be waiting for my crackers with high anticipation. : )

  • Wes Bredall

    Hurray! I’m so glad to hear that RYKRISP will be back on the shelves soon! I envy the zoo critters that get the first deliveries!

  • Don mitten

    Cant wait ,i bought the natural for years nothing compares to them. I sure hope they find there way to N.W Pa. or Amazon.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Don – hoping to be back soon. Amazon just placed an order to set up distribution and we delayed that until June. Hopefully it will be the website, Amazon and then your local stores. Thx for being a fan. Ted

  • Larry Lakoduk

    This is now May 2, 2016. My previous email to you was ignored. If there is actually going to be RYKRISP again I would like to know when and how to buy a case of them.
    That is what I had asked in an email several months ago but got know response from you.
    Your response would be greatly appreciated and we will buy RYKRISP (Seasoned) even if we have to do it on-line.
    Please respond.
    Thank You,
    Larry & Emily Lakoduk
    PS: Your system is not recognizing my email address. It seems to also want a website url.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Larry – a couple of thoughts. 1) We checked all our correspondence and don’t have a record of a prior communication. It’s possible that it disappeared in the system, but we tend to file all our communications. 2) You were successful in signing up for updates just now and will be first to know when and where to get the product (either direct, Amazon, or through a local retailer depending on where you are); and 3) we are planning our first production now starting 05/16, so it’s not far away. It will take us a number of weeks to roll that out, but we’re getting there after a long, hard slog. Thanks for your continued interest. Ted Leavitt

  • Mark Sawyer

    My mother started me on RYKRISP nearly 60 years ago. I’ve tried some alternatives recently but have found none that measure up to RYKRISP. The State of Colorado residents are some of the healthiest and nutrition conscious people anywhere on the planet and it would be great if you could get them to the market here ASAP. Krogers/KingSoopers, Sprouts, Whole Foods, etc. all have successful stores here and I’m sure they would welcome the RYKRISP products to their offerings. I look forward to seeing RYKRISP back on the store shelves soon.

    Mark Sawyer

    • tleavitt Post author

      Mark – we agree that anywhere where folks care about health and nutrition and have some taste standards, there is a spot for RYKRISP. Will hopefully have it out there before long. Ted

  • Dee

    We’d love to sample the “natural” product and give you feedback. Just contact me and I’ll give you the address. Love the product – ANXIOUS for the seasoned to be available! Thanks for keeping this brand alive!

    • Paul Eddy

      I also would love to sample the “Natural RYKRISP” if there are any of that run leftover, have gotten so tired of trying to find comparable substitute to RYKRISP

  • Jennifer Alm

    Can I purchase a case at this time, May 22, 2016? Former MN. girl, miss the product. Great to have on our boat in the summer and at home also. Heard ladies talking of not being able to buy it any longer down in Sedona, AZ. I told them to hang in there, it was coming back.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Jennifer – we’re going to push back the online availability by a month as there are so many things on the to do list to get things right – in-house orders to our zoo customers, producing seasoned and sesame after natural, figuring out some manufacturing issues and so forth. If you’ve signed up for updates, we’ll let you know as soon as we’re up and running for you to order a case. Thx, Ted

    • tleavitt Post author

      John – First availability will be via the website as retail distribution takes longer. I’m now guessing July on that as we are still working away on production tasks (we did ship some natural last week so we’re getting there). As to retailers, we’ll start in MN with SuperOne out of Duluth, Coburns out of St. Cloud, and Lunds/Byerlys out of Mpls/St. Paul. That’s our starting point on which to build. Thx, Ted

  • Toni

    Okay, it is June and I do not see any Ry Krisps available on Amazon!!! My favorite is Seasoned but at this point I will take anything!!

  • Walter Bastian

    Like others, I enjoyed RYKRISP for over 50 years. Lately, I’ve worn out my poor arthritic knees travelling the cracker aisles of numerous grocery chains. A search of the Internet has given me renewed hope. I’m looking forward to the launch.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Walter, Thanks. We’re having quality issues in getting started with our manufacturer and don’t want to put something on the market that isn’t “up to snuff”. Working on it! Thx, Ted

  • Hope Coffin

    I would be happy to be your west coast trial box receiver. And I favor the sesame to the seasoned. Natural is fine too, I will eat them at the Zoo. WASA tastes like cardboard, RyVita seems to be gone, and someone thought RYKRISP wouldn’t work?

    Some of us who have been avoiding wheat for years, and some of us who backpack and picnic and always liked RYKRISP, will always to buy it.

    Now that” Gluten Free, GF” is taking the market by storm there must be a renewed interest. Or is there a little gluten in RYKRISP? If there is it never bothered me, and wheat does. I am glad you are baking again and eagerly await the crackers.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Thanks for the insightful reply. We bought the brand because, just as you say, it seems something special and different. We are struggling a bit getting to market as we need a particular manufacturing situation and may need to modify our location to make the whole operation hum. Such is life. As to your question about gluten, rye has a little gluten and is therefore not “gluten-free” but it is much less filling than wheat and still has the good taste of rye. Thanks for being a fan. Ted

  • Eleanor Radloff

    Are you available anywhere in the Chicagoland are? I was just talking about your product and here I found you. Please tell me where I can buy your product.

  • Theodore Miller

    I have been a long-time RY KRISP fan. Krogers stopped carrying it a few years ago with no explanation. What happened? There is no substitute for my money.

    • tleavitt Post author

      I think the updates here tell the tale, so I won’t belabour the point. We’re in a dispute with our contract manufacturer at the moment and trying to sort that out. We hope you’ve signed up here for updates and you’ll be first to know when we’re back in action. Thanks for being a fan. Ted Leavitt

  • Amanda Dearing

    I would like to try your product as you roll it out.

    I saw Ry-Vita today and wonder if it’s similar. I WANT MY RYKRISP!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! It makes amazing meat loaf.

    When I was little in mid fifties, we used to go to The TEXAS Hotel (Yes, where Kennedy stayed in Fort Worth the night before he was killed). I ALWAYS ordered RYKRISP’s and dipped them in Coca Cola in a glass. Loved it!!!