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Where we are – the 🙂 and the 🙁

We try not to bother you too often without meaningful updates, but a number have suggested it’s time for one, and we agree.  So here goes. Some of this will be familiar, and some possibly new.

Back in July after making product for our zoo business, we realized that we weren’t going to achieve the necessary consistent quality for our retail product.  It wasn’t for lack of trying on all parts but the oven and packaging operation weren’t set for the long-term and it didn’t make sense to make the modifications at this facility (the old adage of “throwing good money after bad”)

Thus, we needed to move.  And before we’d organized that and parted on amicable terms, our manufacturer seized our equipment from a warehouse we were renting in the same building.  We guess it was leverage to get us to pay what they thought we should owe if leaving.  We won’t go into all the specifics of this, but suffice it to say, it’s tough to negotiate a solution when your equipment is held hostage.  We’ve certainly tried, but the net result a couple of months ago was that we’ve filed a complaint in the court system.

We’re just a start up and funding is always something folks like us worry about.  We didn’t take this step lightly, but given the choice of doing nothing or taking action, we’ve chosen the latter.  There’s plenty of risk here, but it seems the right thing to do.

We’re sharing this with you as our most loyal fans.  As we’ve mentioned before, the life of a start-up has its ups and downs, and being taken out of business for 5 months just as we’re getting started is a “downer” as one might say.  But we’re resilient and we hope you are patient.  We just now if we put a sub standard product out there that this would be the wrong thing to do.

We don’t yet have an idea of how we’ll get this resolved but step 1 is endeavoring to get our equipment back, which helps us figure where to manufacture now that we have the process down, and to get on to satisfying the market looking for our product.

So that’s where we are.  Get in touch if you need anything further, and we’ll certainly do the same when we have a positive update to share.

Many thanks,

Ted Leavitt

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39 thoughts on “Business Update (December 1, 2016)

  • eric Sandberg

    I’ve been asking my wife to purchase your product for awhile and today she finally asked the attendant at HEB whereupon the attendant was knowledgeable enough to tell her you had suspended ops. The story she heard was there had been a fire….so I decided to google your company….Thanks for update. will look to see you up and running shortly.

    PS I’ve been eating RYKRISP since I was old enough to eat crackers…..was allergic to wheat in youth.

  • Paul

    Thank you for the update Ted.
    I am Not giving up on you. and Please do not worry about bothering me, a little something monthly would not be an issue IMO even if it’s not much more just a Hello 😀 .
    For some reason I no longer get E-mails, are you just posting here and not sending e-mails now? if so that’s ok just wondering as my e-mail /internet provider seems at times to block e-mails for no reason (they are not going to spam). I will check to see if I am still signed up.
    Take Care!
    Sitting here in the Pacific NorthWest rooting for You / RyKrisp !
    Wishes for you have Merry Christmas!

  • Susan Severance

    I hope the issue gets resolved. It is just wrong that Minnesotans have got to buy imported rye crisp. Bring back the rye without the “e” and the crisp with the “k”!


    like so many of the comments, RYKRISP was always my favorite and the first choice out of the cracker box in restaurants we eating out all my life. My dad was in the restaurant business so we always had them at home as well. Simply the best! I appreciate hearing the real story and hope you win the legal battle and can get back into production. I realize being a start up company is difficult and money is a big factor. But if you get things worked out and the crackers become available in stores and the internet, you are going to make a fortune! Best of luck!

    Just had a thought. Try to contact President-elect Trump’s people. If he liked Ry Krisp crackers you will see some quick action. Even if he didn’t, this is the kind of scenario he enjoys helping out folks like yourself who have a great product and want are trying to make a go of a business. And there is no doubt you will be a successful business. God bless you and have Merry Christmas.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Great post. Will definitely follow up with the Trump idea if we can get him off Twitter so that he can get focused on the important things such as helping get us back in action. Many thanks for your good wishes. Ted

  • Martha P Hurd

    Sure hope the problems can be resolved and once again RYKRISP can produced and sold. Started eating RYKRISP as a child. They are great with any kind of cheese and a big help when watching calories. All the best to you in your endeavors to re-establish this product.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a good idea. The limiting factor at the moment is possession of our equipment, which is critical to our process. While a total pain, we can’t have the police enforce its return (they would deem it a civil matter even though it is criminal) and thus we’ve had to litigate. The one trick with crowd funding is that we are an LLC and as such, one needs to have fewer than 100 shareholders, so the amounts invested need to be commensurate with these shareholder numbers. We’ll keep this in mind though! Thanks for thinking of us. Ted

  • Helen

    Just read today on the internet that the original RyKrisp company closed! I am shocked and very sad. If you can ever bring it back, I will certainly be a happy camper. I have looked for the product in many different stores but never dreamed that it was no longer being made. That just seems like a total sin!

    • tleavitt Post author


      You are a woman of wisdom! The closing happened a ways back. We bought the company and were working back to production when this kerfuffle occurred that I refer to in this update. Please do sign up for updates if you haven’t already and you’ll then know when and where to get the product when it’s back. Thx,

      Ted Leavitt

  • Vicki

    The effort you are putting forth is admirable. I really miss the product as do so many. So, we keep the faith that you will succeed. Hopefully, our patience will be rewarded and yours as well. Being Minnesota born and bred, I know that perseverance is prevalent there. You betcha!

  • AW Herberholz

    Have been missing the product for some time and continued to hunt for it. Finally, decided to dig for answers.
    Behind your efforts 110% and will be so pleased to see RYKRISP re-enter the market. You have a loyal following!
    Best of luck as you persevere.

  • John Robertson

    Everyone working to bring back The Krisp should know that you have lots of supporters up in Alaska. I will certainly be talking to my local grocery store manager about stocking your product once it’s available. No brand matches RYKRISP.

  • Laura

    I love RYKRISP! I have been looking the last couple of months for it in the stores, of course not finding it, now I know why. It was my go to snack, because you could put anything on it and the RK made it taste even better! My favorite was the Seasoned RK.
    I hope all things go well in your endeavors to get up and running again. I miss my, and I am soooo looking forward to eating it again!! Good Luck to you!