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7 thoughts on “Update via Minneapolis Star Tribune (August 14, 2015)

  • Anonymous

    I love RyKrisp and have since my childhood. Until today I didn’t know what had happened to make RyKrisp disappear, and I missed them but didn’t know what to do about it. I HOPE
    RyKrisp comes back with great success, and I believe it can and should. RyKrisp is a delicious, healthy cracker with many terrific uses. While I enjoy RyKrisp crackers right from the box as a savory snack that needs no embellishment at all to be appealing, they are also excellent with peanut butter, with every cheese from ordinary cream cheese or cheddar to sophisticated triple creme French cheeses and a variety of other toppings from egg salad to sardines. I prefer baked goods with whole grains and natural fiber; RyKrisp is my favorite cracker in this category. Many other products advertised as whole grain crackers have a fair amount of fat and virtually no fiber. Because I like salty snacks I especially like seasoned
    RyKrisp crackers and consider them far better than Wasa and other similar crackers which are generally coarse, tasteless, and dependent on a topping to make them palatable.They are also a more convenient size than other “crisp breads”. If RyKrisp crackers have ever been advertised much I’m unaware of it, so perhaps a modest marketing campaign would have favorable results. As for particular parts of the country where RyKrisp would be popular, I think they could be successful everywhere. Perhaps, however, the crackers should initially be reintroduced in major metropolitan areas and where gourmet foods and similar products are appreciated. In any case, I look forward to finding RyKrisp on the shelves of my local grocery store very soon.
    Appreciatively, a consumer since the 50’s.

  • Susan

    I love RyKrisp crackers and searched online to find out why they were no longer available in grocery stores, which led me to this site. Had I known of the closure, I would have stocked up. I’d send in a picture for a complimentary box but don’t have a single Ry-Krisp to photograph. :/ My favorite toppings are fat-free cream cheese, slice of fresh tomatoe, and a good sized dollop of homemade low fat pesto… A delicious, high fiber, low calorie, healthy treat! They’re also great with hummus and a thin slice of cucumber. Good luck on the relaunch, I’ll be watching for it.

    • tleavitt Post author

      You can’t buy them at the moment, as you have probably deduced. We’re on the case, and if you’ve signed up here for updates, we’ll let you know as soon as we’re back. We don’t have a firm date, but are in testing with manufacturing. Thanks for the interest!

  • RyKrisp lover

    I’ve eaten the seasoned RYKRISP crackers all my life. I went to purchase some yesterday from the only source I know of here in Raleigh (Krogers) and they didn’t have any! I went to three other stores and they didn’t have any either. Now I see why. I also look forward to finding RYKRISP on the shelves of my local grocery store or available for purchase online very soon.