Update – September 28, 2015 13

As a brief update for RYKRISP fans. Thanks for signing up for updates, liking, etc. Getting manufacturing going is making slow but sure progress. We’ve got a team of R&D/commercialization, engineering, and manufacturing working on getting the process right. Our next production run on October 15th will be a considerable step up from the last one as we put equipment on a production line and move closer to production. Starting in November is starting to be a “push” but we’re totally on the case. Thanks again. The RYKRISP team.

For a bit of levity, here is a picture that goes with the comment, “I kept the last empty box of Season RYKRISP

Loyal companion atop computer

Loyal companion atop computer

to remember how great they taste. It is sitting above my computer as a reminder.”

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13 thoughts on “Update – September 28, 2015

  • Sherri

    I still have a box that I’ve been saving. I’ve hidden it from my family, so I don’t have to share! ha! Please hurry back. I miss RYKRISP… I LOVE RYKRISP. Will they look the same since they are under ‘new management?’ They’re the best!!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Sherri – hope you’ll be able to share again soon. Yes, the test is that they look and taste the same when they are back. The packaging might be slightly different to respond to what our manufacturer does, and down the road, we’ll be looking at new and interesting sizes and flavors. But first things first – light rye, natural, seasoned, sesame and multigrain as you know them. Ted

  • Denise Clemans

    OMG! I have been searching for RYKRISP everywhere. They are my very favorite cracker and every store I went ,was out of them. One clerk even directed me to another brand of similar crackers, but not RYKRISP. . .Not Even close! I too miss my RYKRISP. Do you have any idea when we can start seeing them in stores again? Denise

    • tleavitt Post author

      We’re on the case and as anxious as you. As we didn’t buy the manufacturing, we are working hard with a partner to get the product up and running. It’s a tricky one to produce – unlike all other crackers. It’s taking longer than expected but you’ll be the first to know if you’ve signed up for updates here on the website (or even if you don’t but check here for updates). Thanks for being a fan. Ted

  • Jere Duncan

    Hi, I have enjoyed RYKRISP since I was a little girl in 1945 when I lived in Red Lodge, MT. I like the plain original. Is there a possibility that these will be back on the shelves? Thanks Jere Duncan

    • tleavitt Post author

      Jere, We are working on getting them back on the shelves. We bought the brand but not the manufacturing and are in the process of working with a manufacturing partner to get the line up and running. It’s a tricky product to make – one of the reasons it is unique. If you sign up for updates on the website, we’ll keep you posted when we’re back and how to get it. It will probably be via Amazon at first as we have to cover the USA and retailers take a bit of time to reestablish the relationship. I’m guessing a few months. Thanks for being a fan for so long. Ted Leavitt

  • Linda Glass

    I am saddened by the fact there are no RYKRISP to be found in stores. I hope this product comes back soon. I also wanted to tell your production team that for a short time years back you offered an onion dill RYKRISP which I thought was very tasty and would fit in with the current market with all the flavors out in the stores. Waiting anxiously for the return of my favorite luncheon cracker.

  • Ruth Burke

    A good example of exemplary marketing in the cracker business is the new look and flavors of Triscuit Crackers and the almond crackers called Nut Thins. RYKRISP could certainly do a similar thing – the strong rye flavor will hold up well to the highly palatable seasonings of roasted garlic, sundried tomato, etc. or the cheesy flavors like Nut Thins Pepper Jack. I think the key to marketing these crackers though will still be to have recipes and photos ON THE PACKAGE that show different ways to serve RYKRISP crackers. And remember, this is one of the few crackers that stands in for bread to make open face sandwiches – the word “crisp flatbread” is another way to talk about the cracker. As a cracker it is one in a field of many contenders. As a crisp FLAT BREAD you open up another market for the product. One way to get the word out would be to produce a RYKRISP recipe book that consumers could download. In January every year you could launch the RYKRISP Weightloss challenge. Work the Facebook page – have contests for the best RYKRISP Toppings and show wonderful photos, and show us lots of wonderful ways to serve the cracker. The cracker by itself is … forgive me … meh. However, appropriately dressed up in a variety of toppings, the rye flavor adds a great note in the harmony of flavors. Sell it baby! This crisp flatbread/cracker is well worth the effort! I wish for you much success. AND I hope to have one of my favorite products back on the shelves. I’m going to write to Safeway corporate next.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Ruth, Many thanks for such thoughtful comments and suggestions. As we are small and getting started again AND trying to supplement our core base with new user, we’ll probably be emphasizing the things that go well with RYKRISP, and getting others to share those things as part of a conversation. The new packaging doesn’t show the recipes of old because we tried to keep it cleaner and the heart of the market is more about toppings than recipes (or so we think). I wasn’t very knowledgeable about RYKRISP before getting involved with the brand, and I must say, I am more of a fan of the plain cracker than you (when you say ‘meh’) The clean taste and texture are great; obviously toppings are like the proverbial “cherry on top”. Looking forward to being able to get crackers back in your hands, so you can try old favorites and new things.