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Screen Shot of Ordering RYKRISP

To our fans, here’s an update on ordering our product via the internet. (the specific link is We’d originally had this starting June 1, but this has changed to July 1 as there is a lot going on, and we’re a small team. The basics are currently as follows:
– You will be able to order cases of RYKRISP via the website starting July 1
– It will probably be Natural and Seasoned to start, with Sesame to follow. Each product has to go through a manufacturing roll-out which means additional items take time
– The price will be $3.49/7 or 7.5oz box and $41.88 for a case. Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99. There just isn’t the manpower to ship out individual boxes and this is here to serve as an alternative to retail, which will take time to develop
– As some of you know, we had a few start-up problems with our payment platform, but now Stripe is up and running. Stripe is a very popular platform with new businesses and is very easy to use based on our experience.
Think that’s about it for the moment. Thanks for being fans!

The RYKRISP team.

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120 thoughts on “Online Ordering Is Getting Nearer

    • Paul

      I have been following you since{around the end of November 2015} I found you had bought and were bringing RyKrisp back , that was such a good day finding out RyKrisp was coming back. My G-ma turned me on to RyKrisp back in the early/mid 1960’s. patiently waiting 😀
      Thank You

      • tleavitt Post author

        We’re working hard…Back to the production line tomorrow am at 6…hoping this is where things come together from a manufacturing perspective. Thx for waiting!

        • Dean LeBlanc

          Seasoned RyKrisp is the BEST. I was shocked to see production had stopped. So glad things will be up and running soon. Please put me on your mailing list so I know when I can order.

          • tleavitt Post author

            Dean – Not sure about “soon”, but we are trying. It’s been 4 years of legal effort since we actually were producing, but the support and specific comments of fans sure has helped. Much appreciated. Will add you to the mailing list for the very occasional update. Thanks, Ted L

          • Sharon Jackson

            I want to order a case when you are up and running. I think the seasoned Rye crisp is better than bread!! Have been missing it for a long time. Please hurry and make your customers happy
            Resp. Sharon Jackson

  • Barb

    Is this the yummy seasoned RYKRISP that’s no where to be found in grocery stores anymore? Why was it taken out of stores. I have purchased for so many years and all of a sudden it’s gone! Thanks. If it is I will be ordering.

  • Georgia

    I have been buying RyKrisp for many years, and was dismayed not to find it stores any more. Glad we will still be able to buy it!!

  • Nancy King Cornett

    Ry Krisp used to be a real staple in our house. We haven’t had it in a little while and just started having Ry Krisp cravings so we tried to buy some but no luck. That’s when I found out that it had been discontinued. We were so disappointed! But after Googling “crackers that taste like Ry Krisp”, I was directed to this site to discover you’re bringing them back. Alright!!! What a timely craving, eh? We’re anxiously awaiting July 1st.

  • Dee

    Yeah! Can’t wait until July 1st!!!!! Will definitely be ordering a case of the seasoned. Thank you for all your efforts to bring RyKrisp back to us.

  • Chip

    I can’t wait. Will you posting the nutritional information as well on each of the flavors? Thanks for carrying on a traditional from my childhood.

  • Pat Horrocks

    I didn’t know it was no longer in production! When we went to the Fort Rickey Discovery Zoo they were charging $2.50 per pack of ten or so. I said, “The heck with this! Next time I’ll bring my own.” And now I WILL be able to.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Pat – Thanks for posting us on Ft Rickey. We have gotten in touch with our former zoo customers but hadn’t yet touched base with them. This is one of the ways they pay for their own operation, so do support them where possible! Hoping to have them available as soon as we sort out some manufacturing challenges so you can have them for whatever use. All the best, Ted Leavitt

    • tleavitt Post author

      Don – apologies that this is a repeat answer to the one before but the question was the same. Here’s the answer. When we bought the brand, we had to develop a new manufacturing location. We’d hoped to be up and running sooner than this, but have run into some problems with the location we picked. We’re working on that. I guess we should all “expect the unexpected” with these types of things. If you’ve signed up for updates, you’ll be first to know when available. It will take us awhile to get on store shelves but the product will be able to be purchased directly. Thanks for the interest. Ted Leavitt

  • Raymond McCarley

    Must have RYKRISP. It is wonderful, and making this in America will help stop international terrorism and bring about world peace.

  • Andie

    I loved the unseasoned crackers with any flavor hummus. Tried some other brands of rye crisp bread and they just weren’t as good. If I have to order mass quantities, I guess I just will do that!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Andie – your post ended up in our spam folder. It’s out of there now. Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated to hear that RYKRISP is the best. Ted Leavitt

    • tleavitt Post author

      Rick – we won’t rehash some of the pain and suffering we’ve had following the decision that our original co-packer’s facility wasn’t up to the task of producing retail crackers as needed. Anyway, thanks for getting in touch and as soon as we’re ready to get back in production, you’ll be first to know. By the way, Seattle was always one of RYKRISP’s best markets. Ted Leavitt

  • Gabrielle Corson

    I didn’t know RYKRISP was discontinued.
    Only knew I couldn’t find it anywhere.I love and miss those crackers which I enjoyed since I was a kid in the 50s & 60s.
    (I’m a 71 year old grandmother of 3 who can pass on my love of RYKRISP to the next generation.)
    Have tried other rye crackers but none of them have the flavor and texture to go with great cheeses and spreads.
    I used to find your crackers at Randalls markets in Texas.But I live in Pittsburgh so I want them back here!!
    Aldi stores are opening all over the country.Maybe they would be open to stocking your product.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Thanks for the good word on our crackers. We’d love to get into Aldi when back. They are tricky in that they take such a small line in their stores, but you never know. The east coast wasn’t the best market for RYKRISP (more midwest and west) but you’ll know where to get them when back. All the best, Ted

  • Bonnie L Watkins

    Please keep me updated to when I can order RYKRISP again!! I grew up eating these yummy crackers!!! Is the only was to order them in a case?? I can’t order just a couple at a time???

    • tleavitt Post author

      Bonnie, Thanks for the note. Figuring out cases vs. boxes is one step of ahead of us at the moment. We need to get back into production first and that means getting the legal stuff behind us. Fingers crossed. All the best, Ted Leavitt

  • faywouk

    So excited that RYKRISPs are coming back! I have almost finished the supply I bought when they were discontinued, so I’m thrilled that I will only be without my beloved RYKRISPs for about three months. I can hardly wait!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Fay – Coming back in a few months is a bit optimistic, but we appreciate the enthusiasm. This lawsuit has been long and draining, but we are making progress. Thanks for being a fan. Ted Leavitt

  • M.Bishop

    Is this legit??? I went to 4 stores in Mn.yesterday looking for RyKrisp crackers….I had NO IDEA that they were no longer being made .( nor did any of the stores I visited)I finally got on Google and read that the company stopped making them awhile back.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Marie – Very legit…you haven’t bought in awhile 🙂 . Read the updates to get the full history, but we’ve been plaintiffs i a lawsuit for 2+ years, which prevents a small company like us from production. The comments have really helped figuratively and literally. We’re hoping for a favorable outcome one of these days…no idea when but hoping the wheels of justice keep turning. Thx, Ted Leavitt

  • Ronald Lichter

    I miss my RYKRISP. Also, my childhood Swedish thin 12″ rounds of Rye Hardtack. Ikea’s offering, doesn’t measure up.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Phil – Thanks. Working hard on that. Unfortunately the competition has been in the courts rather than the stores. Unfortunate, but we are working on it. Best, Ted Leavitt

        • tleavitt Post author

          Vicky – The only update is we are now chasing the insurance settlement (getting them to support the defendant). It’s the last step in the process but not an easy one. Thanks for keeping the faith. Ted L

  • Virginia b. Crawford

    Please tell me where to buy your crackers.
    I used them for years.lwoukd buy several boxes at a time.
    They were wonderful for my food program and health .
    Thank you, vlbcrawford.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Virginia – Apologies for the slow reply – dog days of summer. We have been out of production for a number of years due to our lawsuit, so you can’t get them anywhere, but if you have signed up for updates, this is the place to keep abreast of the situation. We are attempting to collect the judgment we won in October to fund ourselves. That is the key next step, but that involves suing the defendant’s insurer to pay…nothing is quick or easy. Thanks for being a fan. Ted L

  • Michele

    I have gone to several stores looking for Seasoned RYKRISP which I miss dearly. I haven’t been able to find any RYKRISP on the shelves so I thought maybe I can order it online. And then discovered you’re in litigation for some reason. Come on you guys, let’s get the product up and going again! Miss it dearly!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Life works in funny ways. We definitely did not seek to stop production, but have persevered through litigation and won…but now we have to fight for collection. That’s the route back. Thanks for being a fan. Ted L

  • Janet

    I am a Swede brought up in Minnesota and grew up loving RyKrisp so much
    I was so heart sick to find it was no longer being made. If this is ever available again, please let me know
    I live in Virginia now and am 72 years old, so the sooner the better

  • Ms. Susannah Tuttle

    Any update as to when online ordering will be available. Your page says July 1st but it’s September 22nd and I don’t see any update. Missing RyKrisp in WA

    • tleavitt Post author

      Susannah – Need to update that, as litigation has kept us from producing for a long time. Nothing yet on horizon, but we keep at it. We are small and getting a litigation settlement is a prerequisite for moving forward. No timing on that. Thanks for being a fan. Ted L

  • E

    i was so excited when it looked like the seasoned ry krisp could be purchase again…went to the site and
    “not available”
    plmk ease bring these back soon!!!
    I’ve been watching and waiting for too many years!!!
    thank you!

  • Dodie

    We wish you the best and look forward to the return of RyKrisp. My husband is diabetic, and I have a wheat allergy, so we would include RyKrisp crackers with at least one meal each day.
    We agree Seasoned RyKrisp is the best! As soon as you are up and running, we will order a case.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Gigi – You can’t now. The product has been out of production for a number of years due to legal issues, but we’re trying to get back in the game. The product continues to respond to the needs/desires of the times. Thanks for being a fan. Ted L

  • Steph Fylpaa

    Had some at my brothers house in northern MN this past week, a tease. It has been MIA in my Chicagoland home for years. Cant find it anywhere here, nor on line. Where did he get it!!

  • De'Anna Fowler

    I grew up eating sandwiches on these crunchy delights! I have been searching for years, so please notify when they become available. I can’t find them anywhere.

  • John Bierman

    This is bizarre. So many of us craving Ry Krisp and no production or even alternatives. On its face this appears to be a failure of capitalism.

    • tleavitt Post author

      John – not quite sure I’d say that, but each to his/her own. It’s a unfortunate confluence of events…we were put out of business…won the money to get back but couldn’t get paid…trying to overcome that with a defendant with deep pockets. It actually is capitalism at work. We don’t have the funds to throw new millions at it. Thanks for chiming in. Ted L

      • K Family

        I’ve been following along for awhile now. I’m so sorry you have been through this! I would think there’d be a deadline of when they have to pay up!
        Thank you for your patience and perseverance! We are all waiting with our toppings of choice for these delicious crackers to come back!

        • tleavitt Post author

          Karen – the defendants paid up to the best of their ability short of liquidation. It is now up to the insurers and we have to win against them…prove they or liable or something akin to that. Anyways, we continue to try. Thanks for the support. Ted L

          • Francesca

            Good luck!! We really miss your crackers! Thanks so much for working so hard to get your business back and funded – we really hope you get what you deserve!!

          • tleavitt Post author

            It’s been a battle and while winning in the courtroom, we haven’t had much luck getting back in the game. We’re still trying. Ted L

      • Paul Engstrom

        Capitalism at its worst. The rich bastards win again. Justice delayed is justice denied. The bad drives out the good yet again. Have you tasted the crappy substitutes now on the market? Who do we have to kill to get some justice and get RyKrisp back on the market?

  • Cindy Felix

    Please put me on your mailing list! Been craving the original I loved in the 60,s! Was a does not come close to the real deal! Thank you!

    • tleavitt Post author

      There are no current plans to produce. We are totally consumed by legal efforts at the moment. It will take (another) win there to get back in the game. Sorry for that…Ted L

  • Bev K

    I absolutely love Ry Krisp crackers. It was truly a sad day when I could no longer find them in the stores. Purchasing a case is not an option but I hope they will again find their way to local stores in Minnesota.

  • Dae Lantz

    We miss the unique flavor and versatility of your excellent crackers. My favorite is the seasoned cracker and I’m so happy your company is able to get back into production. There is no substitute available and I’ve tried them all. Below is my contact information and will be happy to buy a case once you get into production.

        • tleavitt Post author

          Not really. It’s basically in the hands of a judge in Cook Cty, IL. Folks have talked about how to fund getting back into the market, but the scale is larger than that kind of effort. The offer is appreciated 🙂 Ted L