Waiting for RyKrisp to Return 351

RyKrisp fan asking the right question

RyKrisp fan asking the right question


Zucchini, Merks Cheddar, and Pine Nuts but no RyKrisp #WHERESMYRYKRISP

Zucchini, Merks Cheddar, and Pine Nuts but no RyKrisp #WHERESMYRYKRISP

The RyKrisp team is working with a potential manufacturing partner to get production up and running again.  In the meantime, with a bit of time on our hands and a beautiful summer, here are a couple of fun pix from the Upper Michigan lakes region.

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351 thoughts on “Waiting for RyKrisp to Return

  • Harry Battin

    My wife is a RyKrisp fan (as am I). We are waiting for your return. We hope you can get things organized, up and running! Please let us know when you start manufacturing RyKrisp again!!! thanks

  • Laura Rasmussen

    I love the seasoned Ry Krisp. I will be 65 years old December 15 of this year and have been eating these delectable goodies almost all of my life. Recently I went to the store to purchase my favorite snack and much to my dismay I could”t find find them. Then I went on a crusade to find Ry Krisp because I knew somebody had to sell the one and only food product that I have ever had to refill a car with gas for (well my sister’s car). I was going to contact my two sons in northern califorina and ask them to get me several boxes and mail them to me so I’d have a good supply.

    Before I did that I decided to go online to see where I could purchase them locally and here I am with this sad news that I don’t know when I’ll have my Ry Krisp again. Oh please get back to me and tell me it won’t be too long. There’s no other cracker than can even come close to taking it’s place. Waiting with crossed fingers! Laura

  • Marilyn Cameron

    I’m 79 years old and have been eating Ry Krisp for as long as I can remember. Searched every market in town and went on line only to find out you are no longer making them. Hope you can get it all together again and start making them soon!

    • tleavitt Post author

      We’re trying to get them back in production. Being an artisanal product, they can’t just be produced on any cracker line. Our fingers are crossed that we can get them back in your hands in the autumn. Do sign up on the website for updates. Thx, Ted

  • Tim

    I have fond memories of eating Ry Krisps with butter when I visited my grandmothers house (some 35+ years ago). Not only are they tasty, but for me nostalgic as well! Wishing you success in getting things back up and running soon. Regards…

  • bob

    I miss RyKrisp. I really miss the big sheets it used to be produced in, about 10×10 or so. I hope some small town grocers stock it. I am in my mid 70’s and started eating it when I was a little kid with my dad.

  • Lupe Coleman

    I didn’t realize there was a production problem. I’d been to several stores and just couldn’t find any. I’ll be looking for them later in the year.
    I have missed them very much. I join the rest of the eye crisp fans.

  • Carla Clark

    I love the unseasoned Ry-Krisp! What will I do when my stash I ordered from Amazon are gone? Please hurry and get back in production!

  • Roy Johnson

    My grandmother ate Ry Krisp 60 years ago and I got hooked on it. PLEASE bring it back. What stores in Massachusetts carries it?

    • tleavitt Post author

      RYKRISP crackers currently aren’t on the market. We bought the business but not manufacturing and are working to get production going again. Thus we are in an “intermission” as I like to say. Please sign up on the website for updates and you’ll be first to know when we’re back. Guessing that Amazon will be the first port of call as we can reach national distribution immediately that way. Retail takes a bit longer. Thanks for getting in touch. Ted

      • Joanne Zurek

        What a ridiculous move—buying a business but not the manufacturing end of it! Since the majority of comments were posted in 2015 and it is now 2020, it doesn’t look like you’re having much luck in getting this wonderful product into the retail market. Obviously, the seller didn’t want you to continue making the product. Sad on both of your parts!

        • tleavitt Post author

          Joanne – Please read the whole history…bought from ConAgra 2015…started producing crackers for zoo segment in May 2016…during that production period, product not of quality for retail segment, so we realized we needed to change. We are small. Once production equipment seized, we don’t have $$ just to start up somewhere else. Thus, starts the legal saga. Few things in business and life go as you perfectly predict them. This is one where the surprises have been bigger than the norm. As a clarification, the “seller” (ConAgra) had nothing to do with the business post sale. The issue was between us and our contract manufacturer. Thanks for the interest. Ted L

          • Kenneth Pfeiffer

            I too have been a fan of the ‘seasoned’ Rye-Krisp for most of my 73 years on this earth. While others have stepped in with substitutes, there just isn’t anything that comes close to the wonderful texture, taste, and versatility of this product. I also was unable to find it some time ago, and discovered the historical loss of this product. I am thrilled to now know there is an honest effort to revive its manufacture. Even in this pandemic-ridden world, I believe there would be genuine demand for this product, if it could be brought back. Please stay the course for all of us Rye-Krisp-loving Americans (and for others all over the world). It could truly become a Made-in-America success story again!

          • tleavitt Post author

            Ken – I like your recollection. Many have it. We are glad to be giving it a shot. The journey has not been what we expected when we bought the brand in 2015, but such is life. We shall see. Thanks for the support. Ted L

  • Tim Eaton

    Am 58 and been eating RyKrisp since I was a kid. Nothing else comes close to the texture and flavor. Tried lots of stores in the Phoenix area and finally went online to find the sad news. BUT now there sounds like there might be hope. Having to substitute Triscuits for the time being and not a happy camper ,..LOL. Wish these could be marketed not a specialty/artisan but as mainstream so we would get the volume up and knock Triscuit to the back of the line/shelf etc! Hey thanks for working on a comeback! I always “spread” the word on how great they are and take them to parties etc. You guys are the best!!! Signed: “missing the best crunch there is “. (Tim in Phx. Different then below Tim) LOL cheers

  • Tessa

    I am 34 years old, I just had spinal surgery, and I’m eating the last of my mother’s delicious seasoned RYKRISP while I read everyone’s comments. She knew these crackers would help me get stronger and I felt really guilty about consuming her final box until I learned we can get more soon. I will definitely replenish her supply! My own history with RYKRISP goes back to my childhood. My mom, sister and I used to dress up in Civil War costumes at reenactments in Minnesota. We brought authentic lunches of cheese, sausages, and RYKRISP, all wrapped in wax paper, tied with string, and carried in a wicker basket. Such happy memories, and RYKRISP played a starring role!

      • tleavitt Post author

        Not the world’s leading expert but happy to take a stab. RyKrisp really does have a unique taste and texture so none of the others is quite the same. The inside of an IKEA rye cracker has a bit of give, but the outside is “hard tack”. WASA and RYVITA are just plain different. We would suggest that your observation is pretty accurate. Thanks for being a fan. Ted L

  • Lisa

    Okay, I admit it, I’m a senior. When the doctor put me on a high fiber diet, I started reading labels. There’s a lot of “multi-grain” out there that are NOT “whole grain”. RYKRISP are the only crackers I could find that are whole grain and great tasting. Love them in the morning with a slice of avocado. Healthy and delicious. I’m a coupon shopper but I go over budget for RYKRISP. They’re worth it. Please bring them back soon!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Lisa, Thanks for breaking the budget for RYKRISP. As we are going through the process of rebuilding manufacturing, I can assure you it takes a bunch of extra effort to make the cracker in such a way as to have its light texture and clean taste. Hopefully, we’ll be back in action soon.

  • how much to buy a domain

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, get production going again for SEASONED RYKRISP. There is absolutely nothing that compares to this cracker. All of San Francisco (CA) would rush to the nearest store to stock up on these amazing snacks. We’re waiting…………Thanks for your efforts and best of luck to your team to get those SEASONED RYKRISP in production again. Patiently waiting in San Francisco, Carolyn Miller

    • how much to buy a domain Post author

      Dear “Patiently Waiting”,

      We thought we’d try the “column response” for a bit of variety. We’re getting close. Full production testing will take place in mid January and presuming success, we’ll be in production soon thereafter. Still a bunch of unknowns, but we’re feeling positive about getting this delectable, yet tricky-to-produce cracker back soon. The West Coast is a priority for us, so we’ll be looking for that support.

  • Kathleen Buffon

    I love RYKRISP and am absolutely bummed that it’s been discontinued. Please continue it! It’s tasty, healthy, but neutral enough to provide a great base for a variety of spreads. I have to see it disappear. Please, please, bring it back — and let us know when and where we can find it!


      • Linda

        Best cracker ever! I have been eating them since I was a child, I am now in my 60s. Does it look like it’s going to happen? Come back I mean…

        • tleavitt Post author

          Linda – We try to call them as we see them. The updates are our best estimate of where we are. We do need to win the current litigation relating to collecting our settlement to take the next step coming back, but feel pretty good about that…But nothing is simple in the legal world. Thanks for being a fan. Ted L

  • Kathleen Buffon

    I love RYKRISP and really hope it will be rescued! It’s tasty, healthy, and a wonderful base for interesting toppings. Ted, good luck with your efforts to bring RYKRISP back to those who love it. I’ll be waiting!

  • Joanne

    I noticed in the recipes there was a couple of Michigan formed cutting boards but I also noticed that Tim said the west coast was the priority will guess what… we in Michigan love the Wolverines and RYKRISP so I hope we become a priority as well.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Joanne – Good eye there. One of my partners has a cabin up in Michigan and it was the scene for taking a few product shots. We love the Wolverines, too, as my wife and I are both alums (if you refer to the university ones as opposed to real ones). My mention of Upper Midwest and West first was that is where the retailers probably will want us first – not to say Meijers and others don’t want us. We love you Meijers! As our loyal fans are nationwide, our first port of call is Amazon as that enables us to get national right away, but we’ll work immediately on the retailers.

      • LJ

        So excited to see you have plans to be available in Amazon – can’t wait! It’s ironic really in that I had been searching my usual local grocery store, and one manager told me that just that location had decided not to carry RYKRISP anymore, so intermittently over recent months I have gone to other locations and different chains only to be disappointed. The other day I thought to myself that perhaps my lifetime favorite had met a demise, and to my surprise and dismay with a quick online search I find out that theory was true! My point being that I am a complete news hound and had never heard the sad news, and no one I asked is aware either. That means there is a great opportunity to splash some social media or something so people know why they can’t find RYKRISP and that there are future plans – I suggest this because folks only think to check for a limited amount of time and then shift their loyalties to other/replacement products as I was about to do (and many won’t even search around for news or find your new site as I did). Perhaps you can offer some discount or other incentive for fans who click in as early adopters/interested shoppers as an output of some social media and other advertising forms (have Amazon put “Returning Soon” in a search instead of no longer or not currently available) – build some momentum and measure the level of interest in advance. Just some ideas…. Thanks for coming back!

        • tleavitt Post author

          LJ – Thanks for the detailed suggestions. One starting point is that there is no other product like RYKRISP. So the substitution issue isn’t the biggest issue. Awareness is certainly one. One thing our predecessors forgot to do was talk up this great product to newer generations of users. RYKRISP is as perfect for young folks as it is for long-time fans. That’s why we’ve been working on having a conversation, even though we have yet to relaunch. We’re making progress, but will obviously accelerate that when back in market. We’ll be working on an expansion strategy upon relaunch, but job #1 is to get products into the hands of long-time fans. They are the true evangelists at this juncture. Thanks again. Ted

          • LJ

            I agree – no real substitution is out there, believe me, I have taste tested! Seasoned are the absolute BEST! Thanks for responding and please let your loyal Krisp-y eaters know what we can do to help spread the word!

  • Carol Switzer

    I couldn’t believe that RYKRISP was discontinued. I searched several stores in the arena only to be disappointed, the rumor was true. The best tasting cracker on the market is seasoned RYKRISP. I hope with all your efforts this product will return to the market soon. We will be awaiting the arrival of this great cracker here in a Duluth, Minnesota. Sincerely , Carol switzer

    • tleavitt Post author

      Carol – I am guessing we will be back in retail up in Duluth soon after launch. I know Super One was planning to take it in from the get go. Hats off to them and you.

  • Kay Monaghan

    I just learned that RYKRISP was no longer available, which explains why I was having a hard time finding it. I grew up with RYKRISP (original flavor) and not only is it a family favorite, but it is a favorite of many of our friends. Nothing better than RYKRISP spread with butter and peanut butter, or a little cheese melted on top. If we had known it was being taken off the market, we would have purchased a couple of cases! So, like everyone else, please, please bring it back. Thank you for your consideration.

  • K

    I have spent the past year and a half searching and searching in my local stores for Seasoned RYKRISP (actually, any of the RYKRISP crackers: Sesame, Plain, etc). Friends on the other side of the country have been searching in their local stores for RYKRISP. I only just found out the plant closed a year ago. This is terrible news. Please get RYKRISP back on the market as soon as possible!

    Isn’t this the solid, thoughtful, perfectly prepared kind of product Warren Buffet would want in his portfolio? Won’t hurt to ask…..

    The ingredient list includes no wheat flour – can’t you develop a market by appealing to the gluten-free crowd? Vegans? The AARP crowd? We’re getting kind pf desperate –

    • tleavitt Post author

      Thanks for the comments and suggestions. We issued a note today on our launch plan. Hope you saw that. On one point – gluten free – we take a more holistic view. We’re low gluten, not no gluten, so definitely less filling than wheat. 93% of gluten-free eaters don’t actually require it, so it seems we’re in a good spot.

  • Jodie Varnum

    So glad to hear that RYKRISP is not coming to an end. Our entire family loves it and went to the internet to find it because you can’t find it in the stores. Now you can’t find it online.. UGHHH… How will we know when you are up and running? We want it before distribution cuz we are out!! :-((
    Thank you for such a great product we know and love.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Jodie – If you sign up here for updates, you’ll be first to know when and where to get. We’re in the home stretch of getting up and running (plenty of joy and grief at the same time!) and will send out notes as specifics become known. Thx, Ted

    • tleavitt Post author

      Shirley – Hoping to be back next month,including being in some of the Minneapolis retailers. Keep an eye here on the website for updates and/or sign up formally for updates. Thx, Ted

  • Roxi Koons

    My husband and I have been searching all over Minnesota (and any other state we visit) for over a year and have been so disappointed that we couldn’t find RYKRISP! I finally searched the internet and saw this sad news! Please, please, please bring back our RYKRISP!

  • Rita Olsen

    Why is it every time you find a great product, it’s taken off the market…Come on you guys !! There’s absolutely NOTHING that compares to Seasoned Ry Krisp..Had I known they were no longer available I would’ve purchased a “boat load”. It’s been my favourite as long as I can remember…GET ‘EM BACK PLEASE…MINNESOTA’S WAITING…

    • tleavitt Post author

      Laurie- If you’ve signed up on the website for updates, you’ll be first to know how to order. The first port of call will be the website. Thx, Ted

  • Paule Trebon

    I have been looking for RYKRISP for a very long time. Have resorted to Wasa crackers. It would be super to have RYKRISP back on my grocer’s shelves!!!

  • Kimberlee

    I’m also one of those that have been eating seasoned RYKRISP all my life, my mother’s family is from Norway. Can’t beat sardines on a RYKRISP!!!! I’m having withdrawals! Lol

  • Barbara Sweetman

    Any news on RYKRISP coming back? Thank goodness I bought 3 cases of them online before they totally disappeared! They store well I must say. Please advise if you anticipate 2017 to re-launch the brand. Thank you and anticipating RYKRISP return along with millions more.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Still trying to settle this litigation as something that is fair. A total pain, but it goes with the territory these days. Thanks for keeping the faith and staying updated. Ted

  • Rolland Rodway

    I too miss RYKRISP crackers. Look forward to being able to get them again. Good luck with all your issues. This can be messy and discouraging. Hang in there and yes, add me to your email notification list. Thank you.

  • Shelley Monteleone

    I miss the seasoned RyKrisp! I haven’t found anything else like it!

    Every time I go to the grocery store, I get butterflies when I check the cracker shelf. After repeated attempts, I went to the internet in search of the elusive RYKRISP. I was so saddened to find out it had been discontinued!

    Please count me and my family as people waiting for their return!

    • tleavitt Post author


      At the moment we’re as hard to find as a rare bird species. We haven’t been in production for 7 months due to this litigation mentioned in our updates. We ‘re doing our best to resolve it, but it isn’t easy. Hoping you’ve signed up here for updates and we’ll keep you posted.

      Thanks for the continued interest.

      Ted Leavitt

  • Peggy Neavor

    I couldn’t believe it when I learned RYKRISP was longer being made. T’was a sad day indeed. I hope Y’all will bring them back. I will have my Swiss cheese waiting.

  • Jeanette Curran

    Since I really need to lose weight I decided to go buy some RYKRISP. I looked in several stores and finally concluded that they don’t make it anymore. So I googled it. Yep, RYKRISP is toast according to what I read. I’m 77 now so I hope it does come back. I just read the comments below and wonder where do I sign up for the updates? Doesn’t look like you plan to hit CA when it does come out but I wouldn’t mind sending for some.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Jeannette – the signup list for updates will be on our home page at the bottom. If you have trouble, let us know and we’ll do that for you. CA is one of our strong markets…the brand trends to the Upper Midwest and West Coast, where the folks are healthy, outdoorsy, and “the children are above average” (or so Garrison Keillor said). Thanks for being a fan. Ted Leavitt

  • Sharon Jackson

    I’ve been looking in all the stores in my area (Seaside Oregon) for the RYKRISP we always loved to no avail. I am so glad I found this site so that our Family can enjoy it once more. Please let all of know when this wonderful seasoned cracker will be available again. Thank you, Sharon Jackson

    • tleavitt Post author

      Oregon was a great market for RYKRISP (as was all the west coast). We hope to get in back that way. Thanks for keeping posted and we will do our best to getting back. Ted

  • Alan Hemrich

    I am from Oregon and ever since I was a little boy I have had Seasoned RyKrisp crackers. Now, in my later years (age 73) when I went to buy some I couldn’t find them. I believe there is a market for them but not unless there’s some advertising to let people know how tasty and healthy they are. What a disappointment in this day and age when a company just closes a manufacturing plant instead of doing proper marketing to sell their product.

    • tleavitt Post author

      As mentioned in one other recent comment, Oregon was a great market. I trust you realize it was ConAgra not doing the marketing 🙂 We’re the little guys trying to resurrect something that certainly is on trend for this day and age…oh, and it tastes great, too 🙂 All the best, Ted Leavitt

  • Harry Hmura

    Like the many others I see and read here, I too am missing my a time favorite cracker. Remember being a wee lad, young kid and having them in the house and at most every restaurant my family went too. Grew up and still loved them. Crazy as it sounds I hadn’t had them in years and it was just yesterday my mind and taste buds went back in time. I craved the ultimate cracker again and low and behold no store carried them. I had a sinking feeling that they were history. As I find most great items seem to lose their way in this sometimes annoying and constant changing marketing and shelf life. However after reading a bit how they are going to be making their way back to the stores I will be first in line to buy mine. Much like everyone else who’s been missing them. Please keep me up to date of when they appear again! Thank you.
    Harry Hmura

  • Bonnie Stowell

    My husband and I are yearning for RYKRISP to return. We both love Havarti cheese with RYKRISP. I remember having it brought to me when in the hospital. No candy for me, just RYKRISP and Havarti. Please let us know when it is returning.. we can hardly wait.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Trust you have signed up on the website home page for updates. That will be our first port of call when something positive breaks. RYKRISP and Havarti definitely beats hospital food, but that is one of its easier challenges. Thx! Ted

    • tleavitt Post author

      Eva, And if we’d known our co-packer was going to do what they did, we would have acted sooner to prevent the issue of interrupted production. There are advantages to foresight, aren’t there!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Richard – thanks. The one trick on investors and crowdfunding or other is that we are an LLC, which limits us to 100, so it’s only the large ones we can consider taking in under the current structure. Obviously, step 1 is to get this litigation sorted out in our favor. That’s the plan! Best, Ted

  • Julie Marshall

    I miss these tasty delicious crackers. I’ve tried other brands but they don’t come close to the taste of ry krisp. These posts are from 2015. Are you coming close to producing the crackers soon?

    • tleavitt Post author

      Julie – there are updates here from last month. We try not to bother our fans too often while this litigation drags on. Fingers crossed though that we are making progress. Will hopefully be able to give an update next week. Thx! Ted Leavitt

  • Marsha Anderson

    Well, I’m finding out this distressing news way late! I’m no less sad and frustrated. I’m so sorry to no longer find my trusted brand, now that I need it for a low sugar diet. No other rye “brods” compare. If you are still updating folks, I’d like to be included. If production has ceased for good, please know how many warm memories of sharing the Krisps at the table in our tiny kitchen for which I’m so very grateful.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Marsha, Do sign up for updates on the website if you haven’t done already. That would be our first port of call in terms of significant updates. Thx! Ted Leavitt

  • Wastrel

    There’s no substitute. I used to make myself a “Viking lunch” of RyKrisp topped with sharp cheddar and King Oscar Kipper Snacks (alas, also no longer available, it seems), and a few green onions.

  • Barbara Mullinix

    I really hope they are successful. I have tried a lot of the alternatives, but they just aren’t acceptable. And please don’t try to get too fancy – just plain Ry-Krisp is the best. Will we get some kind of heads-up if this becomes reality?

  • suellyn scoon

    I am shocked! Seasoned RYKRISP has always been my favorite. Now that I have high cholesterol it is the only recommended cracker that I can have. I hope the deal works to return RYKRISP to the marketplace.


    RYKRISP, please come back!!! I have been unable to find a suitable replacement!!!!!!!! Please let me know when i can buy again!!!!!
    Thank you!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Thanks. We’re trying, but assuming you’ve read the updates, you can see we’ve got a few legal hurdles we’re working through (we are the complainant). Hope you’ve signed up for updates, and that way it is easy for us to keep you posted. Thx, Ted Leavitt

    • tleavitt Post author

      We presume a somewhat rhetorical question since you were reading the updates. Getting involved in the legal sie of things is all a bit nuts, but we are where we are and working to get it solved. Thanks for keeping interested. Ted

  • Robert Weipert

    I’m shocked that RYKRISP is gone. Am hoping for its return. I would always grabbed all the RYKRISP in the bread basket at restaurants. They were so hard to find in grocery stores.
    Would love to hear that someone carried the torch and brought them back.

  • Hocapontas

    I feel bad for forgetting all about RyKrisp all these years. I went to a store recently and asked for it, but it was nowhere to be seen. Everywhere I’ve looked…nothing. And yet white bread abounds in my store, made by 47 different vendors. White bread is the SUV of bread products, and like carmakers and their SUVs, the bakeries tell me this is what I want to eat.

    If I wanted white bread, I’d ask for white bread. But I don’t want white bread. I just want my RyKrisp. #WheresMyRyKrisp? #Heres2Hoping

    • tleavitt Post author

      Glad you felt the urge to check again. You weren’t the only one. We are on the case, and hoping for all of us that good things come to those of us who wait (with a bit of prodding, for sure). Ted Leavitt

  • Lea Bollinger

    If this is the correct site for the original seasoned ry krisp…. Yay………..I have been searching for them. Friends try to help, but they direct me to other brands….NO… I want the ones I had for years. I am 74 and would love to be able to get these again.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Lea – excellent perseverance. Hope you’ve signed up here for updates so we can keep you posted on progress. It’s a slog, but we’re working on it. Thx!! Ted Leavitt

    • tleavitt Post author

      Yes…ConAgra was taking it off the market in 2015. We bought the brand, had to move production…that took awhile…then the quality situation mandated we shift production…the co-packer took some equipment, and we’ve been fighting a legal battle ever since. Working hard to get back.Thx! Ted Leavitt

  • Al

    These posts are all old what’s going on in real time, I find my Rykrisp now and then but not consistently here on the west coast ???

  • MIchele

    Hey someone needs to bring RYKRISP back…My whole family has been waiting years it seems. It was a staple in our house. The WASA krisp are not even close. They taste is very bland and the texture is not even close. Please bring RYKRISP back…

  • Sharon

    Your seasoned RYKRISP was a staple in our house. We miss it. It was our bread choice. Please hurry and get it back on our grocery shelves!!!!!

  • Carol Ickes

    No wonder I could not seasoned Ry Krisp or any other variety. I have been to ever grocery store in the Council Bluffs, IA/Omaha, NE area and I kept getting “they will look into it and get back to me.” I tried Wasa brand, but it was not the same.

  • Kathy

    Seasoned RYKRISP my all time favorite cracker.. I didn’t realize until just now that they’re no longer made which explains why I cannot find them anywhere I look.

  • Rebecca Riedy

    Dec. 2018…..Does anyone sell RyKrisp crackers anymore? Did they go back into production? I thought I bought some at Whole Foods a year ago. Anyone know? They were the best crackers for toppers and less calories!

    • tleavitt Post author

      At the moment they are off the market pending the outcome of this litigation. We are a small company, and need to get this behind us in order to move forward. Thanks for the kind words, and we hope to be able to satisfy the urge when we get his behind us. Ted Leavitt

    • tleavitt Post author

      Bob – We wish we knew as we ask the same question. We obviously need a resolution to clear the decks and every month, we give it our best shot. The courts control the schedule. Thanks for the support. Ted Leavitt

  • Helena Garrett

    We need our RyKrisp. There is no other cracker on the market that can compare. Sending you good thoughts and hope for a positive outcome.

  • LookingInMyWayBackCupbordSpaceForRyKrisps...

    4 years and still waiting… Now, that is a customer base with a long shelf life! In 1961 President Kennedy challenged our country to put a person on the moon, and we delivered 8 years later.
    Can we match that timeline to get a cracker re-produced?
    One day, as we munch and savor, we can all say: “One small step for Rye, one giant leap for RYKRISP”

  • Laurie

    I’ve been a fan of RYKRISP all my life! Please let me know when it is coming back. I await its return to the stores eagerly.

  • Kathy

    I lived on Seasoned RyKrisp for 33 years for lunch during my teaching years. I’ve looked EVRRYWHERE for it! Please bring it back- I miss it so much!!!!!

  • Pamela Iverson

    I grew up on Nabisco seasoned RyKrisp crackers.
    Nothing stacks up to Nabisco.
    The Rye crackers out there is garbage.
    Please bring them back. Please.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Pamela – They were actually Ralston/then ConAgra but a big company like Nabisco :-). The next step is for us to win this litigation. Trial is in October, so we should have a clear path after that. Thanks for being a fan. Ted L

  • Pamela I.

    I grew up on Nabisco season RyKrisp crackers.
    The other rye crackers are garage. and don’t stack up to Nabisco seasoned RyCrisp crackers.
    Please bring them back. Please. Please.

    • tleavitt Post author

      (Apologies for the repeat answer) Pamela – They were actually Ralston/then ConAgra but a big company like Nabisco :-). The next step is for us to win this litigation. Trial is in October, so we should have a clear path after that. Thanks for being a fan. Ted L

  • C.D. Rinck Sr

    I would be forever grateful if RyKrisp crackers made a comeback, they were an ideal snack cracker
    for cheese, deviled ham, sliced turkey, Pimento cheese spread, and just plain —-alone——
    My 85 year old body yearns for their taste again!!!!

  • Jane Kelly

    I have loved RYKRISP forever-or at least as far back as i can remember. (I used to live in Minnesota and don’t remember ever not having it in the house.) Now, I have a problem though! We have a little terrier grand-dog who has serious stomach problems. One food he can eat, and which helps him to not have undigested food coming out of him, is to give him RYKRISP with his meals. He LOVES it. However, I started giving it to him when it did not show SALT on the ingredient list, but now, alas, salt is listed as an ingredient, and we really should not give him anything with salt. I don’t think it adds anything to the taste at all, and was fine without it (if indeed it really was without it). WHY does it now have salt, and is this permanent? I really hope not.
    Thank you,
    Jane Kelly
    La Mesa, CA

    • tleavitt Post author

      Jane – Thanks for your note. A couple of things. First, as I think you see from the comments, we haven’t produced in a couple of years due to litigation we have been pursuing. There are various updates here. As to the salt question, we are newer owners and have followed the recipes that have been there for a long time. A serving of natural RyKrisp crackers has 60mg of salt and one of light rye has 65mg. That’s pretty low, but not zero. We hope that answers your question. Ted Leavitt

  • julie richman

    I went looking for RYKRISP & am so sad to read via internet, the production has stopped.
    RYKRISP is a quality product that just needs some rebranding help, an advertising campaign appealing to all those poor millennials (and others) who’ve never been lucky enough to experience this fabulous cracker!
    Keeping my fingers crossed RYKRISP makes a comeback.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Sharon – it is held up in the courts along with the other flavors. We’ve won a lawsuit (you can read the highlights here), but now have to collect the judgment. As a small company, we are only able to work in sequence. Thanks for the interest. Working on getting back! Ted Leavitt

    • tleavitt Post author

      Barbara – First step is collecting the judgment to fund the future. That is going to take a bit of effort, but we’re on the case. Thanks for your interest. Ted L

  • Laura Massena

    I love RYKRISP.

    You have to bring them back there a tradition. family meals At a restaurant with a basket full of crackers waiting for the food to come 0nly the cracker basket and all there is in there is RYKRISP with butter on your table. you got a put some butter on your RYKRISP and then eat them. they’re delicious. today there’s so many vegans and vegetarians and people interested in their health and whole foods and grains it’s the perfect time to advertise RYKRISP and its versatility it should replace the whole Pita cracker craze. it’s so much more flavorful and delicious and low calorie please bring back the RYKRISP. we can’t live without them.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Vicki – We are still on the case. We are in the process of settling our legal issues with the defendant and still need to recover from insurers. We’re trying to be properly funded to get back in the game. Thanks for being a fan. Ted L

  • Lynette Robinson

    Still waiting for RYKRISP. Big fan here, love the seasoned flavor. Tried so many to different brands as a substitute
    There just isn’t any.

  • Vicki kell

    RYKRISP is my go to always the best, I have been waiting forn them to come back to stores as triscuit rye are okay stand ins but no the real thing, Is there anywhere I can order them?

    • tleavitt Post author

      Vicki – not yet. RYKRISP has been out of the market for a number of years due to legal issues we’ve been pursuing. We won that, and are now working on collection. It’s a long, painful process. Thanks for being a fan. Ted

  • Carolyn Murray

    As a kid, my Mom&I would eat RyKrisp crackers with butter, if we had it!!! They are soo good&I really, really miss them!! I bought them for a long time after I got married, but at some time they disappeared!! Are they ever coming back?? I think,with my Mom being of Danish descent, that there was something similar that was made in Denmark??! I really miss them

    • tleavitt Post author

      Carolyn – thanks for the story. We’re still working on getting them back…need to collect on our legal judgment first. Not easy, but on the case. Thx, Ted

  • Marti Stringham

    I’m 82 and RYKRISP was always one of my favorite crackers. Please let me know when it’s available again. PRICE IS NO OBJECT!!!!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Marti – Thanks for being a long-time fan. Unfortunately, the limiting factor is us getting the settlement from the insurers. We’re working hard on that. Will keep everyone posted. All the best, Ted L

  • Chris

    So glad to hear it’s coming back! I hope it has the same taste, crunch and seasoning!! Looking forward to it in Washington state.

  • Jacqueline A Easterday

    Thank you!!!!!!

  • Gloria Kramer

    I too have fond memories of sharing the RYKRISP with my grandfather. He would butter them, then hand me one. He’d sit on a fold out stool that I still have in my house.. I am now 77 and still remember those yummy crackers..I must have been about 5 years old.. I would buy them whenever I would find them.. I’m so sad..Please bring them back..

  • patty williams

    When will your product be back on shelf? Competitors horrible. We need your wonderful cracker back..please. How can we follow to see when production will start?

  • Mary Parker


  • Martha Meyer

    They are the best ever! I want them back. Please return them
    To the market. I have enjoyed RyKrisp crackers since I was a little
    Girl. They are the best.

  • sandra J wong

    Gosh before I die id love just to have my rye Krispy seasoned crackers back. Keep it the same and don’t change a thing. JUST BRING IT BACK

  • Rita

    Ok, when is our seasoned rye krisp returning??
    I’ve tried WASA crisp..yuk! No taste.
    We’ve been waiting going on 6 years. WTH?? Put a fire under it people..This is ridiculous. Had I known it was going to be discontinued, I would’ve bought at least a couple cases. Let’s get the ball rollin’ here..

    • tleavitt Post author

      Rita – It was a cunning plot where RyKrisp started production back in 2016, arranged for its equipment to be stolen in order that it could embark on a 4-year legal saga (to date) to try to recover what was lost and get back in business. Maybe “ridiculous”, but the company has done its best to get back in a position to revive a great product. We are too small to do it without adequate funding that would come with a fair recovery. Thanks for keeping the interest. I trust you realize that the first sentence was written in a bit of jest. Ted L

    • tleavitt Post author

      Carol – Thanks for being a fan. Do sign up for updates on the website. We don’t bug you much, but that will be where any significant news is posted (as well as here). No immediate plans for relaunch until we get this insurance litigation settled and won…doing ok on that right now :-), but it’s a slog. All the best, Ted L

  • Tom

    Another fan from childhood, here. My brother and would right over who got the RyKrisp from the cracker basket when my parents would take us to Mr. Steak in the 70’s. Maybe someone else suggested this (but there are too many comments to read them all), but have you thought about crowd funding to get the capital needed to start operations?

    • tleavitt Post author

      Tom – Thanks for sharing the story. We’ve always believed that, for a small company, cleaning up the litigation is the first order of business. Having enough $$ to do things is key. We do keep the thought in consideration, but are somewhat single-minded on this. Thanks for being a fan. Ted L

    • Linda

      Best cracker ever! I have been eating them since I was a child, I am now in my 60s. Does it look like it’s going to happen? Come back I mean…

  • Sir Michael R Dunning

    When I was small, used to see them all the time, but never ate one due to parents need of other things. Now that I am way past that age, I cannot find them to eat them. When Will.You Be Making Them Again? I love eating rye bread but apparently it’s not the same. This from a cold weary, RYKRISP starved Canadian.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Michael – We wish we knew the answer to that question, but remain on the case. As a small company, we really need to have sufficient funding to do this right. We were good back in 2016…the litigation almost sent us under…winning has given us a good view to the future…but we have to collect. Nothing is easy, is it? Thanks for being a fan. Ted Leavitt

  • Pam and Don Johnson

    I am in a valley of deep despair. No more RyKrisp!! You were the item I reached for when my day was flavorless and dreary. RyKrisp, I’ve missed your savory deliciousness and need your return as soon as possible! I couldn’t believe the first time I went to the grocer and you weren’t there. It took me months of not being able to find you before I looked on the internet and found that you had been taken away from all of us who love you. I’ve especially missed the Deli flavor (sigh). Now my husband has joined me in my constant lament and desires your presence in our lives. Please, tell me that you will be available to us soon! Seriously, I really love and miss you!

  • Karen A Bergstrom

    My uncle worked at Zinsmaster Holry in Duluth, MN for many years back in the 50s and 60s.. Our whole family always had an ample supply of Ry Crisp. It was a family staple. If it’s no longer available for purchase, please publish a recipe for a similar product. Nothing compares. Those old-time goodies are dearly missed. Thank you!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Karen – The exact process for RyKrisp crackers is proprietary. We weren’t experts when we bought the company, and there aren’t many ingredients…certain types of rye flour seem to work better than others…you need to fluff up the dough like you do with pancake batter.It’s tricky…we wouldn’t do justice by trying to replicate the product by hand. It also explains why you don’t find lots of alternatives. Apologies for not being much help. We’re trying to get the funds via collecting in our lawsuit, so that we can help in the process. Thanks for being a fan. Ted L

    • tleavitt Post author

      The best way to get the history on what happened is to gloss through the updates on the website. It keeps pretty much to the point, and describes it more comprehensively than I could do here. Ted L

  • Elizabeth Carroll

    I grew up eating seasoned RYKRISP and so disappointed it is nowhere to be found. Please bring it back to us Scandinavians and to everyone else who just miss it!

  • Lisa Gagnon

    I loved RyKrisp crackers, especially the seasoned RyKrisp. There just isn’t anything on the market like them – absolutely NOTHING! I have tried the imported rye crackers, the rye taste was the but fell flat on the taste buds. I also tried light rye crackers, I believe are made domestically and those just tasted like what imagine cardboard tastes like, very unsatisfying. You would think with all the focus of adding whole grains, and adding good sources of fiber into our diets that you could find a manufacturer to partner with even if there are special manufacturing processes involved. Like others posting here, I MISS MY RYKRISP !!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Nice note…they are very artisanal and thus I am guessing the big companies have less interest. The whole grains and less filling aspect of rye are all good things to have these days…we’re trying to get in a position to be back and appreciate notes like this. Ted L

  • Warren Smadbeck

    I enjoyed RyKrisp growing up. As my wife can’t handle rye I stopped buying it. Recently I wanted the taste again. As I could not find the crackers I bought another brand.
    They weren’t equivalent.
    I checked online and discovered they were gone.
    I really hope they can be brought back. There is nothing like them.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Lori – It is as per the updates – contingent on a recovery of a legal settlement. We are working hard on that. The updates will be the first port of call going forward. All the best, Ted L

  • Steven J Smith M.D.

    seasoned ry-krisp and tuna salad………best diet ever. I’m 74 and these have been a staple, all the way back to med school and the US army, 1960’s.

    Not quite 1919, but I remember my dad eating them after he came back from WWII…….and his dad, introduced them to him in 1925

    You can’t buy this kind of loyalty, please Purina don’t throw this beloved product in the trash heap. And if you’ve crossed that bridge, please reward your loyal fans and give the product rights to someone a little hungrier.

    p.s. If the product sales dropped off, and you are wondering why. Look in a mirror, what changes have you made to the basic procuct, packaging, advertising in the last 30 years. I know it lacks the demand of dog food, I suspect the bulk of the fans willing to post here, got started on the product 20 yrs ago, through parent or relative. Does anyone recall EVER seeing a ry Krisp ad on tv? A popular young celebrity endorsing the product? With vanity in Hollywood being what it is, I suspect they’d line up to endorse it. After all I lost 30 pounds in 3 months. Eating ry krisp, tuna salad and nuts or fruit. PERIOD!!!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Steve – we bought the company from ConAgra/Purina. We are a small startup that just does RyKrisp and ended up with this legal effort. Not an easy task, but we know and appreciate where you are coming from. Ted L

  • Steve miller

    Enjoyed seasoned Rye Krisp. Mom always had them in the kitchen. Dad was Danish. Ha ate them with Cougar Gold Chreese. Me too. Liked the seasoned Rye Krisp. Top them with any kind of cheese. OR! Tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad, bean dip, whipped cream cheese. Cheese whiz, C’mon. Send me a box. I’ll pay you. For em’.
    Steve Miller
    Reno NV

  • Louise Flanigan

    Anxiously awaiting the return of RyKrisp! The season is the best. Please let me know when it may be manufactured again. I’ll buy a case. LOL

  • Adeline Hatfield

    I grew up eating RyKrisp with my dad…I’m 74, so far I haven’t found anything that is as good, so sad to learn they’re not made anymore.

  • Marilyn J Hilliard

    I too am waiting for the return of RyKrisp!! It has been my favorite for many, many years. I would open up a sleeve of TyKrisp, telling myself, 2 pieces, just 2 pieces and before I knew it I ate the whole thing!! Yum, Yum that was soo good!! I hope you can motivate the powers that be and get production going again!! Please let me know when production starts up again. Thank you

  • Jennifer Rose Miller

    I have yeast allergies and Ry Krisp were one of the few store bought items I can eat . In fact they helped me detox on a candida cleanse and loose over twenty pounds without starving. I have been truly disappointed and put out in their absence.

  • Nancy Gibson

    I am 72 and grew up loving the original Rye Crisp crackers. I was so disappointed to find that the company closed their factory. HVe tried other brands but the just don’t compare.

  • Virginia crawford

    I am another person..misses Ry-krisp crackers. I had to stop at a grocery out of town..hour away, to by several boxes at a time.
    These crackers along with a specific food program, were on my list of specific foods which brought about my weight loss ..68 lbs.
    I miss those crackers..they were great; plain, seasoned there was another one…please help..send the recipe or vrong back the yummy, healthy crackers.!!!! Thanks..vlbc.

  • John G.

    January 2023:

    I still miss my Ry-Krisp Crackers … every time I have soup or want cheese and crackers, I think of Ry-Krisp. These crackers and my favorite cookie, the Hydrox cookie (cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookie), bring back some childhood/young adult memories.

  • Leigh Thomas

    Yes!!!!! Please, please come back- you were about 20 years before your time!!! The most delicious and good for you cracker that there ever was!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • DD

    Yes, bring these seasoned ry-krisp crackers back! Been buying these for many years. Please bring back and let us know where to purchase.
    Thank you!

  • Richard Sanders

    When for gods sake will Ry Krisp be available. I grew up on this stuff. MyMom fed it to me, my grandmother and my aunts. It’s travesty that it was ever taken off the market. There is so much fattening, tasteless garbage on the market no but nothing can take Ry Krisp’s place. Please contact me when it is available.

  • Dorothy L. Russell

    I have loved the Seasoned RyCrisp crackers for years. I keep my eyes peeled for any updated news hoping and praying to hear that you are going back into production. Is this a futile effort? Do I have to find something else to replace my beloved RyCrisp?

  • Eric Larson

    I have been living with my Sister on South Padre Island TX while my house is being built in a nearby community. She had a health scare recently and was put on a total fat free diet. This has proven challenging to say the least. I decided I could stand to take a little off around the middle myself so I have been following her diet too. We thought we would buy some Ry-Krisps since we know they are fat free and could take the place for crackers or bread. Well, that was when we learned the story of the fate of a much beloved cracker bread. I remember as a kid coming home to find my father in the kitchen with 2 sheets of Ry-Krisps with sharp cheddar cheese on them under the broiler. The kitchen smelled amazing and I got to have some warm Ry-crisp with sharp cheddar cheese melted all over the top. It was really a special treat. We have been buying a brand called Leksands.
    They are good but not as good as I remember the Ry-Krisp’s brand to be. I sure hope they start making them again someday. I promise I will buy them.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Larry – not up to us due to the cost of properly getting back in the market. Know it’s been many years, but the wheels of justice turn slowly. A learning experience for all. Thanks for the support. Ted L

  • Leslie M. Bittner

    I have wanted RyeKrisp so badly and will continue to hope, now that you have given it to me.
    I will support your product with my hard- earned dollars when I can get my hands on them and
    I am wishing you the best in your efforts to resurrect this incredible cracker!! I know it is 9 YEARS
    after the fact, but I will wait until you tell me ‘No’.

  • T Johnson

    Crowd funding? Maybe if you don’t wait too much longer there’s still a significant amount of people that will want to back RyKrisp (provided it matches the original crackers)! See desperate comments below.. Also, setting for the greater good? Curb losses and recover some difference in actual sales over time… Crossing my fingers for the resumption of production outcome.

  • scott

    im not sure any reason for commenters to say how they are in regards as to their love for ry krisp…but that aside, nothing is as good in the cracker world i hope you get to come back