RyKrisp Update – February 13, 2020 101

Happy Valentine’s Day to all RyKrisp fans out there. As we hadn’t communicated since winning a jury verdict back in October, we wanted to provide a brief update on where we are now and what that means for getting back into the market.

Since we won, we’ve obviously tried to collect. That is always easier said than done. But collecting is important, as we need to be properly capitalized to get back into the market. There have been issues with the defendant being able to address the judgment and their insurer wanting to pay almost $9 million. Thus, we’ve been working with all parties to make some progress, and that involves both negotiation and going back to court.

That is what we are doing and thus we don’t have what we want or need as yet, but are hard on the case. We’ll continue to keep you posted as we make progress. We have no idea yet on exact timing, but we’re hoping there is a celebration somewhere out there in the reasonable horizon.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support, and even more so for your patience.

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