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This past week we took the first step towards producing RYKRISP with our proposed manufacturing partner.  They were baby steps towards learning how to work with the dough in different operating conditions.  Many thanks to those involved, and we thought we’d share a few pictures of this effort.


Team members watch the first doughs mix

Team members watch the first doughs mix


First test dough for RYKRISP

First test dough for RYKRISP

1st test bake for RYKRISP

1st test bake for RYKRISP

First output - a good start.

First output – a good start.

The obligatory product tasting!

The obligatory product tasting!

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27 thoughts on “Message from Ted (August 21)

  • Sherrie

    Please keep making Ry-Krisp…I have just found out that it is endangered after hunting in stores for it for months. They are one of the most delicious crackers ever made!

  • Margaret

    My husband loves your crackers…glad to see that you are working to get them back on the shelves. Everything similar tasted like cardboard to him!!

    Margaret and Larry

  • Karen Johnson

    Now I know why we haven’t been able to find Ry Krisp at any of our grocery stores. It’s my husband’s favorite cracker and he’s been eating them for at least fifty years. This news just gave him a birthday present!

  • Anna Schnapp

    RYKRISP Crackers are no longer available in my area. I believe they were too high priced ($4.49 to 4.99). I had anemia about 65 years ago and was told to take iron and eat RYKRISP crackers by a doctor. My husband had a triple by-pass and the cardiac doctor had RYKRISP crackers as a preferred food on his diet. They are not advertised as a healthy food as many food are but they are wonderful to me. I have always eaten them when I’ve been ill with good results. Please don’t let a wonderful healthful food go by the wayside. Because of the cost I save them for special occasions and when I am sick. They are my favorite food. Thank you for your consideration.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Anna – thanks for sharing. Your local retail did charge a high price. For reference, $3.30 or so would be an average price in the last year or so. We’ll hopefully get them back soon. All the best, Ted

  • Michael Tatarek

    I’m in my 40’s and have been eating RYKRISP since I was a kid. Now, I know why I can’t find them anymore. I see that there is hope they are coming back! Whooo!
    My mom taught me a mini pizza recipe years ago for. I since improved upon it. It’s as follows:
    Butter with a dab of Worcestershire Sauce. Apply tomato paste on top. Add cheese on top of paste. My preference is American or Velveeta but whatever you like. Italian spices to top it off. Ideally bake but broiling is a quick and dirty way of doing it. Optionally you can slice cocktail pepperoni sticks and place on top to give a more pizza feel.

  • HighlandHubby

    Do you know how hard it is to find a cracker that has no wheat flour yet tastes delicious? Please get RYKRISP Natural back on the shelf so I can enjoy crackers again!

  • Terry

    I went into shock when I found out that RYKRISP was no longer being made. Much to my relieve after some hunting on the internet that hope is not lost. I can’t eat a wedge of lettuce with tomato and blue cheese dressing without my RYKRISP. It just isn’t’ the same. Became a habit 50 years ago when every coffee shop, particularly in Las Vegas, served a cracker basket with salad and/or soup. Those days are long gone. Not unlike another post here, they’re great with tuna fish salad.

    My cupboard has never been bare of RYKRISP. It is without a doubt my favorite cracker, there is no equal or substitute. Know you have a fan and cheerleader, I’m sure there are many of us. I wait with baited breath for the good news.

    Which part of the country do you think you’ll most likely re-introduce your product and will you sell them online?

    Good luck.

  • Jim Janssen

    Please get this product back in the marketplace. From my earliest childhood RYKRISP was a staple in our home as well as on the tables and counters of every restaurant we visited. I’ve tried every other brand of rye flat bread (we used to call it hardtack) and nothing even comes close.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Jeff, Thanks. As you can see by the other correspondence, we’re hoping for mid-autumn though it’s a tricky product to manufacture and can’t guarantee that yet. If you sign up on the website (email at the bottom of the page), we’ll use that to keep everyone abreast of significant updates. Facebook and Twitter keep the informal banter going. We’ll probably re-introduce via Amazon so everyone who wants it can get it right away. Hope that helps. Ted

    • tleavitt Post author

      Jeff – hopefully back soon and first available via the website and Amazon (and then retail). Sign up for updates on the home page of this website and you’ll be first to know the details. Thx, Ted

  • Debra Schuler

    I, too, love RYKRISP and have eaten it all my life. My grandparents grew avocado trees. When the avocados were in season, there would always be a plate of RYKRISP with sliced avocado on top when we went to visit. It was the best and is still our favorite topping. I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have them by themselves or with something on them. Please bring them back!

  • Elizabeth

    So terribly sad that RYKRISP is no longer available. There is no replacement on the market. This has been a staple in a long time and was wheat free. I imagine it would be a popular item now that everyone is wanting to go wheat free (gluten free)