Merry Christmas from RyKrisp – December 19, 2018 12

Someone made a comment that nothing had happened on the legal front from October until now.  We love the spirit, but the wheels of justice continue to grind very slowly. Suffice it to say, we are out there working on the case and trying to get to a favorable resolution. While we can’t share imminent good news, we can wish all our fans a happy holiday season, whatever you are doing and wherever you may be spending it.  All the best from RyKrisp.

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12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from RyKrisp – December 19, 2018

  • Michael Zetley

    I am counting the years since I have been able to enjoy RY KRISP crackers during the holidays. One of my fondest memories of my father is taking either herring in sour cream or smoked trout and putting them on RY KRISP crackers with cucumbers, onions and pepper. Sadly both are gone and I hope for the day when I can spend the holidays having the snack that reminds me of days long ago. So please keep up your fight and remember that your not just preserving a cracker, your preserving a cherished memory for many.

  • Soren Spies

    Our family has a RYKRISP and pickled herring tradition going back at least a full generation. We check back on you each holiday season and look forward to eating RYKRISP again in the future.


  • Jeuwl

    I’ve been searching stores for RYKRISP for yrs and upon deciding to search for online options, just now learned of the nonsense of: 1, ConAgra eliminating the brand due to declining sales (ridiculous); 2, the court fight; 3, this is the only cracker of its’ ilk that tastes good!
    RYKRISP had always been my go-to as it is whole grain, lo cal, and tastes great, unlike all the substitutes I keep buying and throwing out. Face it Wasa is a lo cal cracker but it is disgusting. Seasoned RYKRISPs are terrific. Always kept them around, not just for holidays. Please win your court battle.

  • Fay Wouk

    Believe it or not, I am still eating RYKRISPs that I purchased by the case in 2015, but I’m on my last case and RYKRISP withdrawal is looming. I hope you’ll get a resolution soon, and be able to start producing. I dread having to make do with a substitute.

  • Helen Robinson

    I was eating your Seasoned RYKRISP daily for over 5 years, purchasing it from my local Safeway, and when it disappeared there I bought a case from Amazon. Then it disappeared everywhere. Reading your web site I now understand why I could not get my crackers. I have a sensitivity to wheat products and also all breads bother my stomach. I hope and pray your products will be back on the market SOON. PLEASE don’t give up. Helen.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Jane – if you are here, I presume you are up to date. By subscribing to updates, you will among the first to know when something positive happens 🙂 . Thanks, Ted Leavitt