Merry Christmas from RyKrisp – December 19, 2018 40

Someone made a comment that nothing had happened on the legal front from October until now.  We love the spirit, but the wheels of justice continue to grind very slowly. Suffice it to say, we are out there working on the case and trying to get to a favorable resolution. While we can’t share imminent good news, we can wish all our fans a happy holiday season, whatever you are doing and wherever you may be spending it.  All the best from RyKrisp.

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40 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from RyKrisp – December 19, 2018

  • Michael Zetley

    I am counting the years since I have been able to enjoy RY KRISP crackers during the holidays. One of my fondest memories of my father is taking either herring in sour cream or smoked trout and putting them on RY KRISP crackers with cucumbers, onions and pepper. Sadly both are gone and I hope for the day when I can spend the holidays having the snack that reminds me of days long ago. So please keep up your fight and remember that your not just preserving a cracker, your preserving a cherished memory for many.

  • Soren Spies

    Our family has a RYKRISP and pickled herring tradition going back at least a full generation. We check back on you each holiday season and look forward to eating RYKRISP again in the future.


  • Jeuwl

    I’ve been searching stores for RYKRISP for yrs and upon deciding to search for online options, just now learned of the nonsense of: 1, ConAgra eliminating the brand due to declining sales (ridiculous); 2, the court fight; 3, this is the only cracker of its’ ilk that tastes good!
    RYKRISP had always been my go-to as it is whole grain, lo cal, and tastes great, unlike all the substitutes I keep buying and throwing out. Face it Wasa is a lo cal cracker but it is disgusting. Seasoned RYKRISPs are terrific. Always kept them around, not just for holidays. Please win your court battle.

  • Fay Wouk

    Believe it or not, I am still eating RYKRISPs that I purchased by the case in 2015, but I’m on my last case and RYKRISP withdrawal is looming. I hope you’ll get a resolution soon, and be able to start producing. I dread having to make do with a substitute.

  • Helen Robinson

    I was eating your Seasoned RYKRISP daily for over 5 years, purchasing it from my local Safeway, and when it disappeared there I bought a case from Amazon. Then it disappeared everywhere. Reading your web site I now understand why I could not get my crackers. I have a sensitivity to wheat products and also all breads bother my stomach. I hope and pray your products will be back on the market SOON. PLEASE don’t give up. Helen.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Jane – if you are here, I presume you are up to date. By subscribing to updates, you will among the first to know when something positive happens 🙂 . Thanks, Ted Leavitt

  • Jon Perry

    I didn’t know you were out of production. I just my lame supermarkets stopped stocking. It’s been way too long. Wasa just doesn’t cut it. Good luck in court. We’re waiting.

  • FatCity

    Patiently waiting out in California, when you get production going again hopefully ill be able to buy it out here. Yes Im sure it will be available on line but i’m oldschool. RYKRISP was always present in our home as far back as I can remember as a child in the 1970’s. My first memories eating RYKRISP was with my maternal grandmother and her awesome egg salad. Good luck in the fight. With many great iconic true born and bred American products that have disappeared over the last 100 years its heart lifting to see those trying to reestablish one.

  • Debra Bratlie

    My family & I (Norwegian Grandparents) have a long history with RyKrisp. Always stocked in our pantry since the mid 50’s. We enjoyed them year round with cheeses & pickled herring or any home pickled fish, or just by them selves. I’m drooling right now just remembering that incredible taste & crunch. Their is NO CRACKER like RyKrisp!!! I have tried every substitute out their, only to toss in the garbage after 1 bite. The fans are impatiently awaiting its return. Please don’t let us down. Lets hope 2019 will be a HAPPY , SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR!!!!

  • Kay Kundert

    I loved RYKRISP and I still do. I still have a box of California Onion Dill RYKRISP and one package of New York Deli Rye. I am hoarding it and just had some topped with cottage cheese. Please hurry and get back in business, what I still have is starting to loose it’s fresh flavor.

  • Karol Walton

    Ate RYKRISP for years. Either by themselves or with pimento cheese spread. Have tried everything from Wasa to various store brand imitators and none of them are as good. Hope you have some luck getting thru the legal system.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Karol – thanks. Fingers crossed that we can make some legal progress in the near term. It is enervating for all and keeps us from the business of the business. All the best, Ted Leavitt

  • Alice

    So will RYKRISP ever be back on the shelves again. I beginning to forget what they tasted like and am accepting that I’ll probably never have another one as long as I live. Can we purchase them anywhere?

    • tleavitt Post author

      ALice – Thanks for your note. We have to work with the legal system, as we really need to be free and clear of these things to move forward…one of the consequences of being small, as you can’t “walk and chew gum at the same time”. We’re trying to win our case, but the wheels of justice move slowly. Keep the faith. Thx, Ted Leavitt

  • Virginia A Ingling

    Wow1 I have been looking everywhere for RY KRISP and can’t find it — others do not compare!
    Google shows they are available at Kroger and Walmart Super stores but perhaps that’s old information.
    They used to be a weekly buy of several packages for me – best munching material to my thinking!
    Keep me posted!

    • tleavitt Post author

      It’s been awhile as we’ve been in a legal struggle for a few years now and will hopefully see light in the not-too-distant future. Signing up for the updates will keep you informed when something breaks. Thanks for the good word. Ted Leavitt

    • tleavitt Post author

      Don – I presume you signed up on the website for updates. That will be the best way to hear quickly when we have news to share (we try not to bug people there constantly with updates, so it is very painless 🙂 ). Thx! Ted Leavitt

  • Joel Jones

    Can’t believe what I am reading here. I buy this stuff (Seasoned Ry Krisp) by the case and I just ran out, only to find that I can’t order it from anyone anywhere. If there is anything that the consuming public can do to help with this lawsuit bulls**t please let us know.I have been eating these crackers for 50 years now and there is literally NO suitable substitute. I have tried many others over the years.They are delicious, and perfect from a nutrition standpoint.

  • Ron

    I am watching a movie with RyKrisp crackers in it Sterling Hayden the movie is Suddenly at 5:18 into movie they have their groceries packed in a RYKRISP box. I have never tasted them but look forward to it I tried those Wasa crackers too they were kind of bland.