Introducing new RYKRISP packaging 56

RYKRISP can be merchandised three ways for maximum flexibility

RYKRISP can be merchandised three ways for maximum flexibility


RYKRISP comes in 5 great flavors.

RYKRISP comes in 5 great flavors.

We’re getting close to launch, and one of the prerequisites is to get our packaging lined up. Here’s a preview of the new packaging.  It evokes what we had before but with a few key differences:

  • It can be merchandised by retailers in three directions versus one, making it more likely retailers will display a fuller line
  • There is a cut-out on the front to showcase our product
  • The copy on the package is a bit less, but hopefully clear and concise

We solicited input from our User Advisory Group prior to printing, and want to thank that group for their help in this important piece of work.  We are now looking forward to the product going inside these new cartons.

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56 thoughts on “Introducing new RYKRISP packaging

  • Paul

    Looking good!

    I just opened the last of package from 7 boxes I found and bought last May on closeout, unfortunately they were not seasoned but still better than the other brands of rye crispbread i have tried, none of them are comparable to seasoned RYKRISP. It looks like I am going to have to buy another package of them round ones {Pain in the butt to eat/store} to tide me over.

    Thank you for your investment in RYKRISP.

  • Sharon Fuchs

    Is RYKRISP REALLY coming back, or can I still buy the seasoned RYKRISP online ? What is the website we can buy when you get it ready?

    • tleavitt Post author

      Shooting for end of March now (manufacturing modifications to allow volume production). Trust you’ve signed up on the home page to get updates. Then you’ll be first to know.

  • Don mitten

    I cant wait to get these again
    They played a huge part in helping me get rid of diabetes.. that was 9 yrs ago,and iwas still buying them on amazon by the case until they disappeared. I sure hope they find there way to the 16915 area in pa.
    Thanks cant wait!!!!
    Don M

    • tleavitt Post author

      Don – back soon and you’ll be first to know from here. We’re especially happy to hear the specific benefit with such an important medical condition. 10% of all health care spending is related to diabetes. If RYKRISP can do a small part in helping, that’s great! Thx, Ted

  • Roberta williamson

    I couldn’t find RYKRISP crackers anywhere and hunt, I did! Finally I looked up on-line to find out why. So glad you all bought the company and will make my favorite crackers again!! I am a natural-foods type person, living in S-F bay area, and use RYKRISP for everything that calls for crackers (except when serving my husband who has celiac and must be gluten-free). My favorite emergency snack is sardines on the ‘Seasoned’ version with a little dill and lots of fresh-squeezed lemon. Other varieties in addition to the ‘Seasoned’ I normally keep in-house are: natural and light-rye (have never seen the multi-grain).
    Congratulations on your wise purchase! I wish you good luck and will look forward to seeing you all succeed with a ‘Made in America’ wholesome rye cracker. (the packaging looks good; just hope it’s more user friendly than rival F-C from Sweden!)

  • Nancy Anderson

    When I couldn’t find RYKRISP in my local grocery I was truly concerned. So glad to find out you are just repackaging. I have been a long time fan of Seasoned RYKRISP. Please do whatever you can to return one of my favorite products ! Thank you ! Nancy Anderson

  • Pat Donily

    I would buy even if in brown paper sack……….I have been eating these darlings since 1955. One of the first things I cooked with my mom. We would “season” a batch with herbs and butter and bake. Hope to see them online or on the shelves soon.

  • Don Hejna


    The circle gets smaller and smaller. Your reference to RYKRISP in OPOA emails got me curious and here we are.

    Best of luck with the launch. Back in my Boundary Waters and Idaho fishing/camping/hiking days, RYKRISP was my favorite companion to replace bread which doesn’t really pack well. I had some in my refrigerator for years and, hate to say it, but I could hardly tell the difference between it and fresh! But, then, this comes from a guy who learned during my Army years that when hungry enough, a person really appreciates anything to eat. I look forward to a fresh supply. My wife loves RYKRISP as well.

    • tleavitt Post author

      We are targeting mid May for production. Getting into stores will take a bit longer. You will be able to be direct from us (and we hope Amazon) in advance of that. The best way for us to tell you is for you to sign up for updates here on the website. Trust you’ve done that…and you’ll be first to know details. Thanks!

  • Sandra

    I have missed these crackers so much. There is NO substitution for RYKRISP.
    Looking forward to enjoying the original variety again
    Thank you

    • tleavitt Post author

      Not quite yet back in the market…pushing for mid May though there is a start-up curve. If you sign up here on the website for updates, we’ll keep you posted on when and where to get. Thanks for the interest. Ted Leavitt

  • Dave

    Have not found this product for several month in stores in Santa Rosa, CA. Just when will it be available? Could not care less about packaging.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Dave – production starts to ramp up May 9th…assuming all goes right with the startup. Then the product will be available direct off the website and then in stores. California is a key market so we hope local distribution won’t take long. Thanks for the support.

    • tleavitt Post author

      None yet. When we launch, we’ll have brokers covering that area, so hopefully get up there sooner rather than later. In the meantime, you will be able to order direct. Thx!

      • Diane Radde

        I have looked for the seasoned RYKRISP for years. I grew up eating them. The other stuff doesn’t hold a candle to these crackers. Where can I get them?

        • tleavitt Post author

          Diane – you can’t for the moment…or the past few years for that matter. By getting here, I presume you are up to date on our legal efforts. We’re making progress, but it has yet to result in product on the shelves. By signing up for updates, we can keep you posted on progress. Thx, Ted L

  • Kerry Hetfield-Cox

    I am looking for your RYKRISP in the Denver CO area
    I guess the new packaged products aren’t on the shelves yet??
    thank you

  • Gary G. Nyman

    Make sure that you get Walmart on board for your new product. All we can get in our Upper Michigan area is WASA. We sure look forward to the return of the product! The packaging looks great and enticing!

    • tleavitt Post author

      Will work on it. We haven’t had a conversation with them yet. We hadn’t thought of them jumping on such a cracker, but preconceptions are there to be broken. Thx. Ted

    • tleavitt Post author

      Diane – Mississippi may not be the first market we’re back in at retail, but we should be available directly from the website and via Amazon…shooting for early next month to be available that way. Have you signed up for updates on the website? Thx, Ted

    • tleavitt Post author

      Goals – 1) get back into production this month; 2) make available on website and Amazon; 3) get into places like Kroger and the like. Working hard on all three. Thx, Ted

  • truckeegirl1

    We have searched high and low for Seasoned RyKrisps. To no avail. The greatest cracker ever. I did place an order but the note says it is unavailable. Hoping that it is wrong. Can’t wait to see if a miracle happens!
    Thank you,
    Anne Frey-Peters

    • tleavitt Post author

      Rochelle – nowhere at present. The updates give you the history of recent years. Would love to get in a position to answer that question differently…working on it. Ted L