Check in (June 1, 2017) 18

We hadn’t forgotten our fans/devotees. It’s just that we don’t want to bother you without meaningful updates, and we don’t really have any at present. Our litigation is plodding along in the Cook County courts, which appear not to be distinguished for their speed. We know we’re doing the right thing for our business, despite the obvious pain to us and you our customers. But we did want to register that we are out there and thinking of you. Back to you when we have more to report!

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18 thoughts on “Check in (June 1, 2017)

  • Dave Sanders

    As a kid growing up in Wisconsin, I always took your crackers for granted. But now as an adult with Wheat allergy problems, I truly miss your crackers today. I hope all goes well with the Litigation and your wonder crackers can once again be ours!
    Dave Sanders

  • Barbara Mangini

    I am looking forward to being able, once again, to purchase RyKrisp crackers. I have missed them! There is only one other brand in the United States that makes rye crackers and they do not compare to RyKrisp in taste. It was shocked when all of my stores suddenly no longer carried my crackers. Then, when I saw what happened, I was outraged. Not only did I lose one of my food staples, but so many people lost their jobs.

    I hope to see you back in production again soon.

  • Mari-Kate Jones

    There is no other like RYKRISP. I can’t find a rye cracker. Please hurry and start making them again. No cracker out there like yours.

  • Paul

    Thanks for the update, still looking forward to having RyKrisp in the same cupboard G-Ma used to keep them in for as long as I can remember again.
    as everybody else has found there is nothing available in stores that comes close to Seasoned RyKrisp,
    I am tired of importing a close but not that close second from overseas, they often have turned to more crumbs then crispbread by time they arrive in the Pacific Northwest.

    • tleavitt Post author

      Carol – thanks for the interest. There is no secret stash until we get this litigation behind us. Fingers crossed that we are making progress. Presume you’ve signed up for updates, and you’ll be first to know. Ted

  • Carrie

    Still hoping that we’ll get to have our RYKRISP again. Keep up the good fight as long as you can. There’s no better cracker. Thanks for keeping us updated.