Every day we get posts, phone calls and emails asking us where we are in the “getting back into the market”.  We haven’t forgotten you this past month. Fact of the matter is that our zoo production has taught us that our current manufacturing operation is not suited to make […]

Business Update

Having spent the last two weeks working the production lines and finding out what works well and what doesn’t, we’re sorry to announce that we’ve got to move the retail launch back until we’re more ready. We don’t yet know that date. Over the past two weeks, we’ve produced over […]

June 26, 2016 Update (Success isn’t always easy to achieve…is ...

The Art of Food: A History of Minnesota Food Production Thomson Reuters Concourse C Art Gallery, Near Gate C12 April 25-November 15, 2016 For more than 100 years, Minnesota has had a big role in producing the food that goes on your plate.  Many of those name brands you’ve grown to […]

RYKRISP featured at MSP Airport Rotating Art Exhibition

(Sent April 14th to email subscribers) We wanted to update our email subscribers and others about our launch plans, which are coming up shortly.  A reasonable question to first ask is why it takes so long to get up and running.  We ask that ourselves!  In basic terms, we’ve had […]

Launch Plan

Laura Berman of TheDeal.com wrote a nice article on January 27th entitled, “Grassroots M&A: RYKRISP’s a brand that won’t crumble”. We can’t reprint due to a fairly prohibitive cost (TheDeal.com is an M&A-focused online publication focused on ‘the deal economy’), but it does tell a nice story of the opportunities […]

RYKRISP featured in TheDeal.com article entitled “Grassroots M&A: a brand ...

The folks at LA Fitness brought to our attention that rye crackers (of course they mean RYKRISP) were mentioned twice in their fitness blog.  In August they talked about “5 Fat Burning Meals You Need to Eat” in LA Fitness Blog – August 3, 2015 . That included a recipe for an open-faced […]

RYKRISP reference in LA Fitness Nutrition Blog

“Rye crisp” crackers were included in “The 20/20 Diet” by Dr. Phil McGraw. The ethos at RyKrisp is about nourishing body and soul, meaning a good balance between diet, exercise, and lifestyle. That being said it was interesting to see rye as one of the 20/20 foods along with coconut oil, […]

RYKRISP shout-out in Dr. Phil McGraw’s “20/20 Diet” book

We hoped to run our first commercial test with our new manufacturing partner on Thursday. This is going to be delayed 3-4 weeks as we are making some engineering changes to fit our products on the production line.  An autumn launch is looking a bit ambitious.  Keep the faith and […]

Update – October 14, 2015