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          Cheese and crackers obviously go together like peanut butter and jelly, ham and eggs, and so on.   The view from here – RYKRISP and TILLAMOOK complement each other beyond great cheese on a great cracker. Tillamook’s brand heritage goes back to 1921 and its cheesemaking […]

RYKRISP and TILLAMOOK go together like cheese & crackers

If you are like many of us, finding low-sodium products that taste good isn’t that easy.  Soup is a classic example.  It seems the perfect example of a healthy food that tastes good, yet has vast heaps of salt.  As examples: Progresso Reduced Sodium Minestrone soup – 480mg sodium per […]

RYKRISP and sodium

New learning for the day re RYKRISP and benefits for diabetics. One of our fans wrote us saying, “RYKRISP are the only crackers I eat as a diabetic. They fit into my food plan better than any other cracker. They are whole grain, high fiber, and lower calories than most other […]

Rye and Benefits to Diabetics

The folks at LA Fitness brought to our attention that rye crackers (of course they mean RYKRISP) were mentioned twice in their fitness blog.  In August they talked about “5 Fat Burning Meals You Need to Eat” in LA Fitness Blog – August 3, 2015 . That included a recipe for an open-faced […]

RYKRISP reference in LA Fitness Nutrition Blog

“Rye crisp” crackers were included in “The 20/20 Diet” by Dr. Phil McGraw. The ethos at RyKrisp is about nourishing body and soul, meaning a good balance between diet, exercise, and lifestyle. That being said it was interesting to see rye as one of the 20/20 foods along with coconut oil, […]

RYKRISP shout-out in Dr. Phil McGraw’s “20/20 Diet” book

RYKRISP is associated with the outdoors and being a great trail companion.  Here is a list of great portable snacks to enjoy on the trail while we are waiting for “the best crunch in town” to return.  In the meantime, enjoy these great combinations. 14 Delicious Portable Snacks You’ll Want To […]

14 Delicious Portable Snacks You’ll Want To Eat Everywhere – ...

We love clean taste, great texture, and good-for-you.  These summer salad recipes strike us as totally fitting the bill.  Enjoy. 50 SUMMER SALADS YOU’LL ACTUALLY ENJOY EATING (courtesy of

Our fans will love these summer salads

Rye vs. Wheat: THE TECHNICAL RESPONSE: Rye provides carbohydrates, plenty of fiber, as well as vitamin E; the B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, and pantothenic acid; the minerals calcium, potassium and iron; and phosphorus. It has less gluten than wheat. Significantly, rye provides a complete amino acid profile. Wheat […]

Rye vs. Wheat in terms of nutrition