Monthly Archives: May 2016

To our fans, here’s an update on ordering our product via the internet. (the specific link is We’d originally had this starting June 1, but this has changed to July 1 as there is a lot going on, and we’re a small team. The basics are currently as follows: – […]

Online Ordering Is Getting Nearer

We try to keep our fans updated on success and challenges.  This week had both.  We had our first full-scale production, and were successful with baking.  Packaging proved a challenge as we hadn’t focused as much on that in this phase, and it is the next priority.  Additionally, we’ll have […]

First RYKRISP production a success…more work to do.

The Art of Food: A History of Minnesota Food Production Thomson Reuters Concourse C Art Gallery, Near Gate C12 April 25-November 15, 2016 For more than 100 years, Minnesota has had a big role in producing the food that goes on your plate.  Many of those name brands you’ve grown to […]

RYKRISP featured at MSP Airport Rotating Art Exhibition