Monthly Archives: January 2016

One of the partners in our business was sitting at an O’Hare Airport watering hole and heard two folks next to her order a Rye Manhattan and a Rye Whiskey.  Wow.  That’s pretty interesting so we did a bit of background checking and found the following via “Bourbon and […]

The Rye Whiskey Analogy (we hope and think) to RYKRISP

  We’re getting close to launch, and one of the prerequisites is to get our packaging lined up. Here’s a preview of the new packaging.  It evokes what we had before but with a few key differences: It can be merchandised by retailers in three directions versus one, making it […]

Introducing new RYKRISP packaging

If you are like many of us, finding low-sodium products that taste good isn’t that easy.  Soup is a classic example.  It seems the perfect example of a healthy food that tastes good, yet has vast heaps of salt.  As examples: Progresso Reduced Sodium Minestrone soup – 480mg sodium per […]

RYKRISP and sodium