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We’d love to hear ideas from you about the art of healthy living that we can share with each other.  We’re starting by trying to add tasty, healthy, fun things atop  a RyKrisp crispbread. How about watermelon and feta (shown here). #ONMYRYKRISP

The Art of Healthy Living #ONMYRYKRISP

RyKrisp lovers know that it tastes better than competitors like Wasa, Kavli and Finncrisp (shown here left to right).  But did you know one of the main reasons why?  A major factor is the artisanal approach to preparing the dough for baking.  At RyKrisp, we naturally aerate the dough before […]

The artisanal aspect of a RyKrisp crispbread

As we’ve been rebuilding the website, we’re also in the process of rebuilding the business.  For those of you who aren’t aware the RyKrisp crispbreads you love went out of distribution in March when the previous owners decided to exit the business. Branco  The manufacturing plant is being shifted to […]

Where we are (June 2, 2015)